Think 30

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Think 30 credit hours per academic year!

  • Register on time
  • Graduation on time
  • Do more
  • Perform better
  • Save money
About Think 30

THINK 30  

Graduation Initiative   

The Think 30 Graduation Initiative is an outgrowth of the 15-to-Finish campaign initiative by Complete College America to increase four-year graduation rates.  Many colleges in Georgia and throughout the nation are using a 15-to-Finish advising model. Due to a variety of reasons, 15 hours per semester is not always the best option for a student. Course configurations in certain majors at Georgia College do not always neatly equal 15 hours, some students bring in a number of hours from AP and dual enrollment, or some students have financial, family, or work obligations that might prevent them from completing exactly 15 hours each semester. The THINK 30 campaign provides greater course load flexibility, while still encouraging students to complete 30 hours in one calendar year.  

This year, the Academic Advising Center will launch a robust Think 30 Campaign to help increase our four year graduation rate, currently at approximately 49%.  We also want to point out in our campaign the other benefits of taking 30 hours each year.  

Think 30 to Graduate on Time! 

Students who take 30 hours per year (fall, spring, and summer) are more likely to graduate in four years! (30x4=120 hours) 

In addition to the greater likelihood of graduating on time, there are also other important reasons to take 30 hours per years: 

Think 30 to Register on Time 

Students who complete 30 hours each year are able to take advantage of the first-day registration with their class. Don’t be one of the students who thinks that they have enough hours to register with their class and then realized that 12 plus 12 is 24!  Not 30.  Be sure you complete 30 hours each year and you will get to register on time with your class.  

Think 30 to Do More While in College  

If you enter Georgia College with enough credit hours to finish your required coursework in three or three and a half years, do more with your four years by using that fourth year or  8th semester by taking advantage of internships, study abroad opportunities, undergraduate research, or completing a minor in a field that you also love. Completing 30 hours a year gives you that extra time to explore these wonderful opportunities during your fourth year.  

Think 30 to Improve Academic Performance  

Students who take 30 hours a year are more likely to perform better academically.  Believe it or not, research shows that taking more hours actually helps students perform better in their courses.   

Think 30 to Save Money

Tuition, room and board for the average Georgia College student with the HOPE scholarship is $6592 per semester and $13,184 per year.  When you don’ t graduate in four years and have to go for a 9th semester of 5th year you have to spend an extra $6592 per semester of $13, 184 per year.  When students graduate in four years, they save these amounts.  

For on time graduation and registration, for improved performance opportunities to do more and save money, be sure you THINK 30 per year when you are registering for your course!  Talk to your advisor today! 


What is Think 30?

The Think 30 initiative encourages students to graduate on time by completing 30 credit hours in an academic year.

Why is Think 30 right for me?

GRADUATION - Your chances of graduating will increase-the longer it takes to graduate, the more life gets in the way.

OPTIONS - Once you finish your studies, you can travel, start your career, or look into an advanced degree.

INCOME - The faster you graduate, the faster you can start your career and earn money.

How can I accomplish 30 hours in one year?

There are multiple ways to take 30 hours in one year

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How do I get Started?

Take the RIGHT courses to graduate on time-the Academic Advising Office is here to help you decide on the classes you need to complete degree requirements.

How can I balance the course load?

Students who take more credits generally earn higher grades. Studies show that if you are already taking 12-14 credits, adding a class may make your grades go UP.

I thought 12 credit hours is considered full time. What’s the difference between 12 and 15?

Taking 12 credit hours each semester means you will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 5 years. Taking 15 credit hours per semester cuts that down to 4 years.