Class of 2023

Welcome to Georgia College, Class of 2023. You’ll learn a lot while you’re here—both in the classroom and beyond. For some, your legacy will be giving back to communities both locally and abroad. Many of you will rise as leaders and mentors, while others will use this time to explore uncharted territory through research opportunities. Despite how you spend these years, all of you will leave with a story to tell, primed to leave your mark in the world.


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We have a total of 1,390+ students in the class of 2023.
The most popular major for the class of 2023 is Pre-Nursing.
Russia is the furthest home country of our incoming class of 2023.
Top three most popular first names of the class of 2023 are Anna, James, and William.

Bobcat Stories

 These students are a small sample of the stellar class of 2023.



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