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Fitness Competitions

*Fitness Competitions are only held during the Fall and Spring Semester's* 

Use this time to prepare for when we come back in the Fall!

To participate follow the instructions below. Winners of each division will get a $25 Gift Card. ALL Competitions are FREE!! More competition types coming soon.

We offer competitions each semester for the following categories:

Paticipation Competitions (no check in required, we track this data)

- Most WRC check-ins

- Most Intramural Wins 

- Most Group Fitness classes attended

Weight Lifting Competitions (check in required, follow instructions below)

- Bench Press

- Squat

- Deadlift

Instructions for weight lifting competitions:

  1. Warm Up First
  2. Find a Fitness Assistant
  3. Weigh In
  4. Pick a weight to lift
  5. Do as many reps as you can up to 25
  6. Fitness Assistant will then email bert.rosenberger@gcsu.edu with the results.
  7. Results will be put in the link below and form your power rating, highest power rating wins