Department of English and Rhetoric

What matters to us in the Department of English and Rhetoric is your future. We provide a connected set of language arts experiences that can launch a variety of careers in the fields of education, law and business, publishing and media, writing and speaking, information and research, politics and public service.  As a result of study in our department, you will enhance your abilities in reading, writing, speaking, and listening--faculties that matter throughout the lives of all engaged citizens.

Our undergraduate majors are designed to include connections to the community and opportunities to explore the world, with curricula flexible enough to allow a semester or a year of study abroad. Flannery O'Connor, who walked where you will walk, often serves as our inspiration, connecting us to the college's rich past and challenging us to focus our talents and time in this place on what truly matters.

Whether you choose employment or graduate work after your undergraduate years, our majors will connect you to success. Our department itself contains an MFA Program in Creative Writing and an MA in English; we also support the language arts content area for the Master of Arts in Teaching.

Critical Intelligence
All degree programs in the Department of English and Rhetoric share a central, essential devotion to the core values of a liberal arts education: to help you cultivate your critical intelligence; develop your expressive skills in speaking, writing, and other forms of meaning-making; and advance your understanding of the ways language, writing, and argument function in historical and contemporary contexts.

Fundamental Value
Each program's emphasis differs; yet all are linked in crucial ways, sharing a belief in the fundamental value of various forms of literacy and the skillful, ethical use of language and persuasion to the good functioning of society.

A primary purpose of the major in English is engagement with a wide range of literature and culture. Reading English and American literature, as well as international works, is foregrounded when you choose the literature concentration. Writing poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama is foregrounded when you choose the creative writing concentration.

The major in Rhetoric provides the knowledge and practice of oral and written communication skills in order for you to communicate and evaluate communication effectively in the workplace and within society. You will develop and deliver speeches, analyze arguments from a variety of oral and written sources, develop and employ critical tools, and engage in research and discussion that centers upon communication and persuasion as central to business, politics, and culture.


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