English B.A., Creative Writing Concentration

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The primary purpose of the major in English is to introduce students to their own literary and linguistic heritage and to acquaint them with representative works of major world authors.

Students take a wide range of courses in English and American literature, including survey, genre, and major-figure courses, as well as survey courses in world literature. Courses in creative and expository writing, the history and structure of the language, critical theory, and composition theory help students sharpen their critical awareness, encourage clarity of thought and expression, and stimulate and develop the creative imagination. In short, the degree in English develops critical thinkers and effective communicators, people whose skills are applicable in a wide range of careers including education, publishing, writing, information and research, media, politics and public service.

As a student with a Creative Writing concentration, your time in the program will be dedicated to the practice of imaginative creation, reflective revision and intellectual engagement with both published literary works and the works of one’s peers. English majors in the Creative Writing concentration develop not only the critical skills of the traditional English and Literature major but also the creative artistic skills of the literary author.

The Undergraduate Creative Writing Program

The Undergraduate Creative Writing Program offers a B.A. in English, Creative Writing concentration.

Students with a Creative Writing concentration take an array of workshops and courses including: poetry, creative nonfiction, and scriptwriting. With the opportunity to delve into courses on authors such as alumna Flannery O’Connor, Chaucer and Milton, students also focus on genres such as Literary Women. This introduction to a wide-range of genres allows students to develop as critical thinkers and effective communicators. Students are also encouraged to participate in the range of extracurricular opportunities available including working on the undergraduate art and literary magazine “The Peacock’s Feet” and participating in the annual spring “24-Hour Plays” project. The Creative Writing program is also highly collaborative. Not only will students in this program work with esteemed faculty, but they also have the opportunity to work with the talented students in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (MFA) program.

Students will round out their time in the Creative Writing Concentration by choosing a Senior Capstone project. Of the several options, included are journal editing, poetry translation and teaching of writing in schools. Recent graduates of the program have continued their MFA degrees at the Iowa Writers Workshop/University of Iowa, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Maryland. As a graduate, you will also be prepared to enter into a set of diverse careers including public school teaching, film and television work or teaching English as a second language. The ultimate goal of the Creative Writing program remains to be teaching the discipline of writing so graduates may then go on to publish their work.

Catalog course descriptions, which provide a general overview of our courses, are here.

Research and Creative Endeavor Opportunities

Undergraduate creative writers can participate in the Red Earth Reading Series, The Peacock’s Feet (our undergraduate literary journal), in the senior end of the year reading, in the spring "24-Hour Plays" project, and in the department chapter of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. They can serve as mentors in our program's "Writing in the Schools" project, working with seventh graders in Georgia College's innovative Early College program (this opportunity is often connected to the senior capstone experience).  Each year, our program hosts several distinguished visiting writers, who visit classes, meet with students, and present readings and other programs on campus. Students are eligible to submit work to our program's fall AWP Intro Awards and spring Academy of American Poets University Prize competitions. And each year, the program selects a student for our “Outstanding Major” award.

Each year, the program may invite eligible students to the AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) Conference.


The Wellington Study Abroad Scholarship helps English majors study abroad.  The fund will always be used for awarding a study abroad scholarship, preferable to a female student, majoring in English.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The program has a significant history of coordinating with students to do independent study projects in travel writing and cultural exploration while they’re away for their study abroad projects.


Each year, the program selects two undergraduates for creative writing program internships, which help to build leadership skills and  increase knowledge of social media platform building; and these interns gain community outreach experience.

Degree Requirements