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What is the High Achievers Program?

The High Achievers Program is an afterschool youth development program designed to help young people reach their full potential, and have a solid base for learning and growing. The Program is funded by the GA Department of Human Services and is a partnership between Georgia College & State University, Baldwin Co. Board of Education and the Milledgeville community.  By participating in diverse and comprehensive, leadership development/enrichment activities that include a summer employment focused youth apprenticeship program, youth are encouraged to become effective and participatory future leaders.During the academic year, youth participate weekly in the following activities:

Mental Health & Physical Activities 

This initiative supports positive mental health such as healthy lifestyles, teen violence, and suicide prevention. To support physical health, participants also engage in physical activity each week using GA Shape Initiatives.

Youth Voice & Action

YVA helps participants to learn the proper ways to respond to obstacles & techniques to work through life’s challenges thereby expanding their critical thinking abilities. It includes leadership training, group sessions & service learning activities within the community.


Youth participate in activities that are geared towards learning the skills necessary to reduce and/or eliminate their chances or engaging in unhealthy life decisions.

Academic Support 

Academic support includes tutoring, mentoring, literacy, youth development, etc. Participants engage in project-based learning activities to become well-rounded, disciplined learners of STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Participants then replicate and implement STEAM initiatives to elementary aged youth during their summer apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship Program – Summer

Youth participate in apprenticeship-based learning throughout the academic year to better prepare them to become summer camp counselors during a 4-week summer camp program where they will design, coordinate, and facilitate a youth camp program.

College Tours and Enrichment trips

During spring and/or summer intercession, youth travel in and out of state on college tours. Academic year enrichment trips include theme parks, youth summits and festivals/fairs.

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