Meet the Afterschool Achievement Staff

Director of Afterschool Achievement

The Director of Afterschool Achievement is Sequena Moon Stanton. Mrs. Stanton manages both YES and High Achievers which are grant sponsored programs of Georgia College . Mrs. Stanton has over 13 years of experience managing grant programs in respect to compliance, fiscal and staff management.

Director's Quote: "Youth programs are my passion because I love helping young people strive to reach their full potential" . 

Credentials: Bachelors Business 04', Masters Public Administration 08',  Specialist-Teacher Leadership 18'. 


Additional High Achiever Program staff include:

  • (1) Program Coordinator

  • (2) Group Leaders

  • (1) Education Coordinator

  • service learning volunteers (GC Students)


Additional YES Program Staff Include: 

  • OHMS Education Coordinator

  • LVA Education Coordinator

  • service learning volunteers (GC Students)

  • LVA Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Tutors

  • OHmS Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Tutors