Aquatic Sciences Center

The Aquatic Sciences Center at Georgia College & State University leverages existing strengths, collaboration and resources on campus to provide a platform for enhanced research opportunities, student training, community engagement and quality consultation and service to industry. The main goal of the center is to harness faculty expertise and institutional resources to promote clean water and equal access to this resource. 


Georgia College and the College of Arts and Sciences aspire to produce graduates with creative and problem-solving dispositions that prepare them to be the next leaders of the free world. As the state's designated public liberal arts university, Georgia College connects teaching excellence with learning beyond the classroom to provide unique undergraduate and graduate experiences for students. The purpose of the Georgia College Aquatic Sciences Center is to harness faculty expertise and institutional resources to promote teaching, research, and community engagement on water-related topics and issues. The center will provide high quality research and services to the university and the community at large. 

Mission and Goals 

The Aquatic Sciences Center will bring together existing faculty expertise, institutional resources and networks to provide high quality research and services to the university and the community at large. In addition to serving the local community, the center will create regional, national, and international networks and collaborations to promote high impact student learning, faculty development, grant writing and university participation in projects that help provide safe water and protect global water-related resources. Students will get the opportunity to work with a diverse group of faculty and other stakeholders. The center is expected to increase the number of students engaged in active research and community-based projects. 

Community contributions

The Aquatic Sciences Center faculty has developed programs and/or field trips with local schools and community groups that will utilize Georgia College students engaging in the community to teach about water research. The new wet lab can be used to educate students on field trips about aquatic ecosystems and water-related research. The center will collaborate with the Science Education Center in water-related community outreach projects, mentoring local grade school students on science fair projects and provide support for local science teachers. 

impact and outcomes 

Collaboration between faculty, staff, and students will be facilitated through the shared space and equipment available to all involved with the Aquatic Sciences Center. Faculty and students are able to easily and responsibly share resources through the center. which should result in an increase in experiential learning opportunities for our students. The community will be engaged through outreach programs and citizen science opportunities. The science literacy and education of the community will be greatly enhanced through the advertising of opportunities provided by the Aquatic Sciences Center. 


The Aquatic Sciences Center will be linked to the Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences, but open to faculty and staff affiliates from across the Georgia College campus. We anticipate direct involvement with student groups such as the Environmental Science Club and Beta Beta Beta, the Biological Society and other entities such as the Sustainability Council, Center for Health and Social Issues, GCSU Rural Institute, and the Science Education Center.