Internal Audit

President Cox presents in a conference room

The Office of Internal Audit and Advisory Services is a department within Georgia College & State University whose mission is to provide an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity that will add value and improve its operations.   

Internal Audit's independent appraisal of operations is conducted under the direction of the university president and the chief audit officer and associate vice chancellor of the Board of Regents. On-going efforts are devoted by the internal auditor to assess the effectiveness of internal administrative accounting controls continuously and to help ensure conformance with managerial policies.  

The audit process formalizes the assessments of Georgia College operations and provides recommendations to the university. Internal audit is a function that is most common in large organizations and was filled here at Georgia College on July 5, 2006.

Georgia College encourages you to contact the Office of Internal Audit and Advisory Services with any ideas, questions, or concerns you may have about your department's operations or if you need assistance with finding specific information on the website. We value your feedback.

Advisory Services

The Office of Internal Audit and Advisory Services also provides advisory services within your department.  An advisory service is a process to perform custom designed reviews, offer considerations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operating areas, and assist management with special requests.  Advisory services reflect the following attributes:

  • Ad hoc management requested reviews.
  • Limited scope; short term.
  • Reporting via memorandum restricted to internal recipients.
  • Consultative in nature.
  • Contact the Office of Internal Audit and Advisory Services if you would like to request an advisory service within your unit.