Expand and Enrich High Impact Practices

Collaborating with the award-winning GC Journeys program, the CoBT will prioritize growth in high-impact practices (HIPs) both in terms of participation by learners and faculty. Emphasis will be on student professional development, engagement with practice, and global experience to include first-year seminars, capstone projects, undergraduate research mentoring, internships, career milestones, and study abroad. 

HIPs contribute to positive outcomes such as higher student engagement with practice and community, career placements, a sense of belonging, greater interaction with faculty, and gains in critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills. Through partnerships with various offices on campus, along with employers and practitioners in the field, the CoBT will devote resources to encourage creative, intentional ways of sustaining and building transformative experiences. 

Action Steps

1: Tracking HIPs

1: Tracking HIPS and Outcomes


Annual Report available


  • Champion: 
    CoBT GC Journeys Fellow
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Annual report every September
  • Key Performance Indicators: 
    Participation rates
    Stakeholder engagement (e.g., internship host perceptions about student performance; industry and geographic representation of host organizations)
    Career and graduate school placements
  • Resource Needs: 
    $6,000 for stipend and course release annually
2: Teaching Grants

2: Teaching Innovation Grants

In Progress



  • Champion:
    Associate Dean; Dean
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Two competitive $5,000 grants will be made available to faculty each summer; expectation is that faculty will present their proposal(s) to our CoBT Faculty Learning Community in the following year. 
  • Key Performance Indicators

     Summer 2023Summer 2024Summer 2025Summer 2026Summer 2027
    # Applied35   
    # Awarded12   
    The number awarded is based on funds available and quality of applications
  • Resource Needs: 
    $12,750 (inclusive of taxes and benefits annually)
  • Results: 
    GC2Y Cakeonomics was approved by the University as a new course in Spring 2024
3: Curriculum Proposal for Minimum HIPs for Students

3: Curriculum proposal to embed an expectation of a minimum number of HIPs for students prior to graduation

In Progress

Proposal expected to go before faculty in Fall 2024


  • Champion: 
    CoBT GC Journeys Fellow; Faculty; Academic Advisors
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Proposal to be developed and reviewed in AY22-23; initial and regular communications with Academic Advisors about the change (starting in Spring 2023)
  • Key Performance Indicators: 
    Tracked in DegreeWorks so learners and Academic Advisors know expectations are being met
4: Develop Research Course

4: Develop a course for Undergraduate research mentoring

In Progress

Decision made to create individual courses rather than a single course. Courses scheduled to be approved by fall 2024


  • Champions: 
    CoBT GC Journeys Fellow; Faculty
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Proposal to be developed and reviewed in AY22-23
  • Key Performance Indicators: 
    First-year and sophomore retention
    Student success measures such as graduation rates/time to graduation, participation rates
    Number of conferences and publications
5: Study Abroad Scholarships

5: Study abroad scholarships

In Progress

Working with the Advancement Office to craft a proposal/locate donors for scholarships


  • Champion: 
    CoBT GC Journeys Fellow; Associate Dean; Dean
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Craft a proposal for donor engagement to establish annual or endowed scholarships to support students participating in CoBT-specific study abroad programming
  • Key Performance Indicators: 

    Study Abroad

    Total # CoBT Students participating in Study Abroad

    # in CoBT faculty-led programs

    # awarded CoBT scholarships

    Amt of funding Awarded



























  • Resource Needs: 
    $5,000 annually
6: Increase Student Internship Participation

6: Work to increase student participation in credit and zero-credit internships

In Progress

Requiring students to complete a survey to graduate that will collect this information

  • Champions: 
    CoBT GC Journeys Fellow; Career Center; Chairs; Faculty; Advising
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Identify a baseline for credit and zero-credit internships in Fall 2022; collaborate with the Career Center in AY22-23 to increase student engagement in internships and to expand participation of host organizations
  • Key Performance Indicators: 
    First-year retention; sophomore retention; Student success measurements such as graduation rates/time to graduation, student participation rates (including by major), internship host perceptions about student performance, industry and geographic representation of host organization

Graduates Reporting Internships

 Non-CreditFor CreditNon-CreditFor CreditNon-CreditFor CreditNon-CreditFor Credit
BBA Accounting        
BBA Management        
BBA MIS        
BBA Marketing        
BS Computer Science        
BS Data Science        
BS Economics        
BS Finance        


7: Ensure Student Professional Development

7: Ensure student career and professional development through programming such as:

Leadership Tour of Georgia, GC Column Society, Community-based Engaged Learning, Career fair recruitment events, and CoBT-wide professions course

In Progress


  • Champions: 
    CoBT GC Journeys Fellow; Career Center; Center for Innovation; Faculty
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Increase the number of students per year participation who engage in the activities
    Grow combined graduate and career placement rate from 70% to 90% 
    Explore the development of CoBT-wide professions course similar to what is offered in IS/CS and ACCT
  • Key Performance Indicators: 
    1. Leadership Tour of Georgia – Ten students participate in the Leadership tour of Georgia in 2023. 20 Businesses visited during the five-day tour.
    2. GC Column Society – In AY24, four speakers were invited to discuss having different experience sets and industry knowledge. 157 students participated in this professional development workshop.
    3. Community-based Engaged Learning (embedded course projects; 
      Center client projects) – In Fall 2023, 132 Business Ethics students volunteered 1,260 hours to 12 organizations.
    4. Leadership Programs – 35 students completed in May 2023 the “Leadership Academy Program” and 39 students are currently enrolled with an anticipated date of completion May 2024. One student completed the “Leadership Certificate Program” in May 2023, and 39 students are currently enrolled with anticipated completion upon awarding of their bachelor’s degree. 14 students completed the “Georgia Education Mentorship Program” (GEM) in May 23 and 11 students are currently enrolled with an anticipated date of completion May 2024. Two students are admitted to the “Intercultural Leadership Program” at the European Parliament.
    5. Host at least five career fair recruitment events per year – Four career fairs were organized in 2023-2024 academic year. The accounting department organized two career fairs in Fall and one Spring. The ISCS organized one career fair in Spring. Additionally, a “Resume Workshop” in collaboration with Fulton & Kozak, a public accounting firm was organized. 35 students met one-on-one with the firm representees and got the opportunity to have guidance on how to prepare a professional resume and improve their resumes.
      1. September 13, 2023: accounting career fair, 37 firms participated including 3 first-time attendees and 82 students attended.
      2. September 20, 2023: accounting career fair, Public Service entities focused, 6 entities participated, and 54 accounting students attended.
      3. January 31, 2024: accounting career fair, 26 firms participated and 62 students attended.
      4. February 7, 2024: ISCS career fair, 15 firms participated and 120 students attended.
    6. CoBT-wide professions course – Accounting and IS/CS students have a professions course. Students in marketing and management receive professionalism training through ethics and communication courses. We will continue to explore ways to ensure this is a college-wide initiative.
  • Resource Needs: 
    $14,500 annually to sponsor events and activities such as the Leadership Tour
    Staffing/promotion resources among faculty and staff