Ensure Technology currency across academic disciplines

CoBT graduates need to be assured that they are learning the technologies used by industry in their fields. Faculty need to know what is and is not being taught in other classes. Faculty should know what technologies the industry uses and expectations for early-career professionals. Students, employers, parents, and alumni need to know what is being taught in which programs. 

Action steps

1: Survey Alumni & Employers

1: survey alumni and employers to determine which technologies are used by disciplines in the "real world"


Survey administered in Fall 2022


  • Champions: 
    Business Outreach Coordinator; Associate Dean
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Develop and send survey in Spring '24; repeat every 3 years
  • Key Performance Indicators:
    Number of surveys completed and response rates
  • Resource Needs: 
    $500 advertising survey
2: List & Analyze Technologies used in CoBT Courses

2: Inventory all COBT courses, undergraduate and graduate, to list each technology used and the depth covered; compare and contrast survey findings with technologies used to identify gaps; create and store information in a database


Inventory completed Fall 2023; Data still being analyzed


  • Champions: 
    Associate Dean
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Develop and send survey in Fall '23
  • Key Performance Indicators: 
    Number of classes inventoried
    Number of technologies used; percentage of classes using any technology
    Number of aligned technologies
3: Create Technologies Currency Website

3: Create a web page detailing technologies emphasized within each degree/major and links from other pages; monitor stakeholder engagement with web page

In Progress


Web page in progress


  • Champion: 
    Website Content Manager; Associate Dean; Chairs
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Fall 2024; ongoing maintenance and review of web page analytics
  • Key Performance Indicators: 
    Number of page views
    Alumni and employers perceived utility of the Web-page (collected as part of a regular survey)
4: Modify Curriculum to Include New Technology

4: Modify curriculum to include missing/needed expected technologies

In Progress



  • Champions: 
    Chairs; Faculty
  • Goals/Target Dates: 
    Academic Year 2025
  • Key Performance Indicators: 
    Changed name of BCOM 2285 to Professional Writing & AI Prompting - In the rapidly evolving landscape of professional writing, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a luxury but a necessity. This innovative course combines cutting-edge technology with strategic writing. Students will develop the skills needed to navigate the intricate world of writing using Generative AI in an ethically sound manner with a special focus on creating essential professional documents, designing compelling presentations, and leveraging generative AI tools for enhanced productivity and critical thinking.
    Created a Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in the Computer Science program
    Updated MIS undergraduate concentrations
    Updated MMIS certificate options