Business Office & Student Accounts

In the Business Office, we can help with anything from tuition to payment plans for your education. We are a resource for financial services for students, faculty and staff at Georgia College & State University. Providing quality support and information to students and parents in the assessment and collection of all student fees and the disbursement of all student refunds is our goal. And we do that while also providing the highest level of professional and efficient customer service.

Student Accounts

Billing and Payments

Students are expected to meet all financial obligations when they are due. Georgia College reserves the rights to deny admission, to withhold transcripts, refunds, payments, and other educational records, or cancel the registration of any student who fails to meet financial obligations promptly. It is each student's responsibility to keep informed of all registration and fee payment dates, deadlines and other requirements by referring to the official calendar of events in the catalog, as well as printed and posted announcements.

The billing and payment of students accounts is located in the Student Account Center.

Logon to your My GCSU select PAY YOUR BILL tile to access the Student Account Center. The Student Account Center allows you to view your college bills and recent account activity, as well as make payments, direct deposit enrollment and store payment profiles.  In addition, parents or guardians can be set up to access your bills and make payments on your account. All student account billings are viewed through the Student Account Center.

No paper bills are mailed. Students are responsible for checking their student account balance through their PAWS account and ensuring fee payment by the published fee payment due dates. Tuition, University Fees, housing, meal, course and other miscellaneous charges are generally assessed to a student's account as he/she registers for classes or incur charges.

Outstanding balances due must be paid by the payment date stated in the official university calendar. Students who have not paid their bill in full by this date will not have their courses dropped, but will incur a $75 late fee.  Students who have completed a FAFSA application and it is received by the Financial Aid office by the initial payment deadline, will not be charged the $75 late fee.  Therefore, students are encouraged to apply for Financial Aid as early as possible.

Students who have not finalized their bill by the close of business on the first day of classes will be dropped from all courses.  Students dropped for non-payment at this time and desire to re-register for the term, will be charged an additional $150 fee to have classes reinstated.  See the Late Fees section for more information.

If a student's financial aid is not available to pay all fees, he/she must be prepared to pay fees and be reimbursed when his/her financial aid is available. Students are not allowed to remain enrolled in classes and receive course credit when outstanding balances have not been paid.  Partial payments do not secure your classes. You are not officially enrolled in your classes until your account is paid in full.

We accept cash, checks, money orders, WebChecks,  online credit card payments and the Nelnet payment plan.  For a small fee, the Nelnet Payment Plan offers a convenient monthly payment plan for Tuition, Fees, Housing, and Meals.  Please refer to the Important Information Link in the Student Account Center for more information on how to sign up.

WebCheck payment is offered free of charge.  Personal checking or savings accounts only.  No business accounts, credit card checks or lines of credit are accepted using the WebCheck feature.  Any transactions rejected will be charged a $34 service charge.  No payments via telephone are accepted. A  2.85% convenience fee will apply to all credit/debit card payments.

You can mail your payment when paying by check or money order. Please make sure the student's GCID number is indicated on the check.  Send payments to:

Georgia College Campus Box 22, 410 W. Greene St. Milledgeville, GA 31061.

Always remember to check your student account online or stop by the Business Office for inquiries. Additional charges may be due.

Refunds are processed by the Business Office approximately seven days after the first day of class.

Any charges for parking fines, library fines or infirmary charges will appear as a hold on your student account.

Course Fees

Certain university departments may charge a course fee for courses requiring extra materials or services of instruction. These fees are indicated in the course descriptions and are non-refundable.

Refund Options

Option 1: Direct Deposit

Your funds are electronically deposited into the personal checking/savings account of your choosing.

Follow the instructions below to set up a Direct Deposit Account

  1. Sign into your PAWS account and select the PAY YOUR BILL tile to access the Student Account Center
  2. Select Electronic Refunds
  3. Select Set Up Account and follow the on-screen instructions

Option 2: Paper Check

If you do not choose option 1, your student account refund check will be mailed to the current Mailing address in PAWS.

  • Please keep the Mailing address in your PAWS account up to date
  • if you do not receive your check within 15 days, please contact the Business Office at 478-445-5254 to inquire about a replacement
  • Report lost or stolen checks immediately to the Business Office at 478-445-5254
  • If you lose your check after signing it, Georgia College is not responsible
  • Deposit/Cash your check as soon as possible.  Stale dated checks may not be eligible for replacement
  • If you utilize your bank's mobile deposit feature, please void the paper check after you make the deposit.

Additional Information

Georgia College has a variety of automated processes that occur to create student account refunds.  Below are some important points:

  • Refunds generated from payments made by check are subject to a 10 day holding period.
  • Refunds generated from Credit Card payments (as determined above) will be refunded to the credit card.
  • Parent PLUS Loans: If the parent did not indicate 'plus to student' on the application, the refund will be issued to the parent in the form of a check and mailed to the address on the plus application.
Refund Policy

Financial Aid refunds are processed by the Business Office.

Refund for Reduction of Course Load

A student who elects to drop a course for which he has registered and paid fees shall receive a refund of fees only if notice is given to the Office of the Registrar on or before the last day to make course changes as indicated in the university calendar.

Refund for Formal Withdrawal for Tuition, Fees and Student Housing

Students desiring refunds must formally withdraw from the University at the Office of the Registrar or online in PAWS under Student Services.

The refund amount for students withdrawing from the institution shall be based on a pro rated percentage determined by dividing the number of calendar days in the semester that the student completed by the total calendar days in the semester. The total calendar days in a semester includes weekends, but excludes scheduled breaks of five or more days and days that a student was on a approved leave of absence. The unearned portion shall be refunded up to the point in time that the amount equals 60 percent.  Prorated refunds for which tuition was paid for by tuition assistance will be returned to the third party.

Students who withdraw from the institution when the calculated percentage of completion is greater than 60 percent, are not entitled to a refund of any portion of institutional charges.

A full refund of tuition and other mandatory fees shall be made in the event of the death of a student at any time during the academic session.

**Please note: This refund policy is for students who formally withdraw. This refund policy does not affect the drop/add period or current refund policy for dropped courses during this period.

Refund of Meal Plans

A student who withdraws or is required to withdraw from the university during a semester may receive a refund of meal plan fees on a prorated basis, determined by the date the student submits a formal request of withdrawal to the Bobcat Card Office. No refunds, except Dining dollars and CatCash will be made after the 60% refund period; or if the student leaves the University for Disciplinary Reasons.

Because of the specific nature of the instruction of course fees no refunds of these funds will be made.

Nelnet Payment Plan

Georgia College partners with Nelnet Business Solution to let you pay Tuition and Fees over time, making college more affordable.

The Nelnet Payment Plan option permits students and families to budget costs for tuition, fees, room and board that may not be covered by other financial aid.  The program is not a loan so there are no interest or finance charges, and there is no credit check.  The cost to enroll in this plan ranges between $60 and $75 depending on when you enroll.  Payments are made monthly and the number of payments you have is determined by when you enroll in the plan.  Monthly payments can be made from an automatic bank account(ACH) or charged to a credit card (An additional fee may be assessed).

The payment plan option is most beneficial when participants enroll early.  Early enrollees can avoid the required down payment and maximize their timeframe of monthly payments.

Simple Steps to Enroll in the Payment Plan

  • Go to
  • Login with Unify/PAWS email address and password
  • Select NelNet Payment Plan tile
  • View your balance and follow the on-screen instructions to enroll in the payment plan
  • Complete the e-Cashier agreement
  • Be sure to click on submit

For more details regarding the tuition payment plan including enrollment deadlines and payment schedules, please click here.

Mandatory Health Insurance

The University System of Georgia requires certain groups of students to have health insurance as a condition of enrollment. We call this “Mandatory Enrollment.” If you fall into one of the mandatory categories list below and you are not covered by an insurance policy (i.e. through parent plans, family plans or employer-sponsored plans) that meets the minimum standards of insurance as set by the Board of Regents, you must enroll in the USG- SHIP plan. Your registration will be automatic and the charge will be applied to your student bill.

  • All graduate students receiving a Full Tuition Waiver as part of their graduate assistantship award
  • All undergraduate, graduate and ESL international students holding F or J visas.
  • All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs that require proof of health insurance.
  • All graduate students receiving fellowships that fully fund their tuition.
  • International Scholars.

For more information on these plans go to and select the current policy year.

If you are already covered by a health insurance plan that meets the minimum benefits, you can easily opt out of USG-SHIP by applying for a waiver. This waiver must be applied for each fall and spring semester. Click the following link to get to the waiver section of the United Healthcare website:

Select the link above to request a waiver.

Mandatory rates available here (pdf)

Helpful Links

BOR Student Health Insurance Program

Mandatory Insurance Flyer (pdf)


Out-of-State Tuition Differential Waivers

Active duty military personnel, their spouses and their dependent children stationed in Georgia may qualify for a waiver of the out-of-state tuition.

Service members who enroll in an academic program within 12 months of separation from service and demonstrate intent to become a permanent resident of Georgia may qualify for a waiver of the out-of-state tuition.

Active Georgia National Guard and U.S. Military Reservists may qualify for a waiver of out-of-state tuition.

Amendment 23

Definition: Persons 62 years of age and older.

According to the provisions of Amendment 23 to the Georgia Constitution, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia established the following rules with respect to enrollment in colleges of the University System of persons aged 62 or older:

Applicants must be legal residents of Georgia, 62 years of age or older at the time of registration and must present a birth certificate or other comparable written documentation of age to enable the Admissions Office to determine eligibility.
Students may enroll as regular or auditing students in courses offered for resident credit on a space available basis without payment of fees, except for supplies, laboratory or Technology fees.
Applicants must meet all University System and institutional admission requirements, including high school record, official transcripts from all colleges previously attended and completed Certificate of Immunization. Degree-seeking students must meet all institutional, University System and state legislated degree requirements, including the Regents' Exam and instruction or exams in American and Georgia history and the federal and state constitutions.

Additional waiver information available form the USG website. 

Military Waiver (pdf)

Economic Advantage Waiver (pdf)

Non Resident Waiver (pdf)

University Employee Waiver (pdf)

Full Time Public School and TCSG Employees Waiver (pdf)

Career Consular Officers Waiver