Photography Services

Our photography provides visual impact to publicize and promote the institution in both online and print publications.

You can submit a request at, or you can visit our Gallery online to obtain existing images.

Photography Guidelines

Requests must be made two weeks in advance.

If a request is made less than two weeks prior to your requested date of service, we may be unable to fulfill your request.

Photography requests are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Direct link to the GCSU brand and aligned with the university’s strategic goals
  • Residual use of the images (if they can be used for applications beyond the intended purpose)

Be specific about the photo(s) you will need. Helpful information to include:

  • Tone of photo
    • I.e. serious, upbeat, natural, close-up, etc.
  • Specific actions, scenery or subjects

Your assistance may be needed in executing staged photos. This may include securing access to locations, props and/or models. Your assigned photographer will contact you concerning needs once your project is scheduled.

If we cannot fulfill your request, there are some alternatives available:

  • Russell Library has photography equipment available for checkout and use for students, faculty and staff.
  • Check with student media (the Colonnade, student photography classes) to see if there are any students available to assist.
  • Hire a freelance photographer (names available on request).

View our full Photography Guidelines

Official Georgia College Headshots

Headshot appointments must be scheduled ahead of time.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Anna Leavitt,

Existing Photos

For existing photos, please visit

If you would like to obtain a photo that you know exists but cannot locate it in the gallery, please email us with a description of the photo(s) and we will consult the photo archive.

Our photos are edited to the highest quality possible. To graphically alter a photo beyond the form that is presented, please contact Creative Services. Design fees will be applied, and cost will vary per job (quotes available).

For additional questions about Photography Services, please contact Anna Leavitt,

We look forward to working with you!