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Resources to support community partners

When our university and community connect, we all benefit. There are a variety of resources available to community partners to help support your needs. Explore offerings below or connect with us directly through email or call 478-445-7865.

  • Become a community partner
  • Connect to practicum projects and internship courses
  • Connect with career center to recruit employees
  • Host or attend workshops or presentations
  • Ways to mentor
  • GivePulse volunteer tracking and database
  • Community Partner Council
Request Student Volunteers

Requests for volunteers may be for one-time or recurring events or even ongoing needs. We can help to recruit volunteers through social media channels, our community engagement platform GivePulse, tabling days, other campus communications, and connecting you to specific student organizations. 

  • All volunteer requests must be linked to an organization or agency based. We will not approve or advertise requests for individual needs in the home, such as drivers, personal lawncare maintenance, assistance moving, or private tutors.
  • To best support your volunteer opportunity, we request at least two weeks to promote, advertise, and recruit students.

To request assistance with recruiting student volunteers, please complete the form below. A member of our staff will reach out to you within two business days to gather more details.

Request Volunteers

Connect with a Community Based Engaged Learning Course

C-bEL courses also known as "service learning," are hands on learning courses where students take ideas they have learned in the classroom and apply them in the community. Often this means our local community, but it could also mean communities both nearby and far beyond Milledgeville. It is an educational approach that allows students to use what they are learning in the classroom to meet societal needs.

This is an excellent opportunity to complete a long-term project over the course of a semester in partnership with a faculty member. 

If you are interested in connecting with a CbEL course, please email

Hire an Intern

The Career Center offers a variety of options to businesses and organizations seeking interns including career fairs, on-campus interviews, information sessions, and assistance starting an internship program.

You can connect via email to the Career Center or visit their website to view more information.

Visit Career Center Website

Schedule a 1:1 Discussion

Schedule a conversation with us to discuss your needs, ideas, and projects.

Book Appointment