Students loading a truck with debris


The mission of the Office of Community Engagement and Service is to foster relationships and partnerships between the university and the surrounding community. This office strives to create opportunities for students, faculty, staff, community members, and friends to collaborate and work towards common goals to address pressing issues and support the well-being of the community at large.


The vision of the Office of Community Engagement and Service is to establish Georgia College and State University as a leader and pacesetter in community engagement, providing resources and support to facilitate positive community change. Through our work, our office aims to create a more connected and thriving community, where GCSU supports and contributes positively to the community as we work together to make positive change.


The GIVE Center was started in the fall of 1997 by Kendall M. Stiles with the help of a student, Kate Van Cantfort. These two recognized the desire of many Georgia College students to volunteer in their community and subsequently created The GIVE Center with volunteer opportunities being doled out of a single red basket. In four short years, The GIVE Center had grown into several offices and over fifteen student coordinated programs. From that point, the Center grew exponentially. Now, 25 years later, The GIVE Center connects students with thousands of hours of service each year and leadership opportunities that shape their college experiences.