Groups & Workshops

Wrapping up Spring Semester 2021

Counseling Services is offering a workshop series on a variety of topics starting April 19th to help students be better prepared for finals week by reviewing tips for managing stress, anxiety, time, and self-care. 

Anyone interested in attending one or multiple workshops, please RSVP at least 48 hours in advance to get a WebEx link to your email address. All RSVPs close the day before at 2pm.

Personal Wellness: RSVP

  • April 19th @12:00pm (Healthy eating and sleeping, grounding)
  • May 17th @12:00pm

ADHD Support GroupRSVP

  • April 20th @ 4:00pm
  •  April 27th @4:00pm ; 
  • May 4th @4:00pm 

Identifying Core Beliefs and Challenging Negative Thoughts: RSVP

  • April 26th @12:00pm
  • May 24th @12:00pm

Mindful Meditation Workshop: RSVP

  • April 21st @ 12:00pm

Time Management and Anxiety: RSVP

  • April 22nd, @12:00pm

Self-care for Finals Week: RSVP

  • April 27th @12:30 pm

Identifying your Strengths: RSVP

  • May 3rd @12:00pm

Goal Setting and Gratitude: RSVP

  • May 10th @12:00pm

Spring 2021 Groups and Workshops

Mindfulness Group

This 5-session group will help students who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD or help with over-thinking and stress. Mindfulness is a holistic therapy approach that is evidenced-based on the treatment of a wide variety of issues. Group members will learn awareness exercises and cognitive techniques designed to help them deal with their concerns and increase their feelings of control and direction in their daily lives. Group screening with Dixie prior to group session if possible.

Social Anxiety “Breaking Out of Your Shell”

This 8 session structured group is designed to help students struggling with social anxiety. Group members will learn how thoughts, physical sensations and avoidance behaviors interact to create a vicious cycle. Students will learn strategies for recognizing and changing their unhelpful or inaccurate thoughts and for managing avoidance behaviors. Students should know that group therapy for social anxiety is more effective than individual counseling or medication.

Women’s Therapy Group

An ongoing open group for woman-identified students, or students whose gender-identity falls under the trans umbrella and feels this group would be a good fit for them. This group offers a space for women to form a community in which they can express their feelings and discuss issues in a safe, supportive environment.   Group screening with Dixie prior to group session if possible.     

Personal Wellness

This is a four-session supportive skill-based group to assist in building self confidence and self-esteem. This group will look at promoting healthy relationships and understanding your core self through discussion on increasing body appreciation, embracing your strengths, conquering self-doubt and overcoming self-criticism.

Challenging Negative Thoughts

This is a 4-session workshop focused on assisting students to challenge their negative thought processes through cognitive approaches. Students will learn to identify negative thoughts and cognitive distortions and learn effective ways to challenge distortions and replace with healthy and positive thought processes. There will also be a TAO interactive component.


If you struggle with symptoms of ADHD, join us on Tuesdays at 4:00 to learn more about the hidden strengths you didn't realize you have, and meet peers to find support and ideas for how to overcome the challenges unique to those with ADHD. Please contact Counseling Services to join this group.


Managing Panic Attacks

This workshop is for students experiencing panic attacks, regardless of whether they meet criteria for panic disorder. This one session workshop will help students understand and learn strategies for stopping panic attacks. Students will learn techniques for reducing physiological symptoms and changing maladaptive thoughts.   

Adjusting to the new Normal

This is a workshop that focuses on developing skills to better handle change in times where change is unpredictable. This workshop covers topics on dealing with stress and anxiety, time management, tips on doing well while taking online classes, readjusting to living with parents, and self-care.

Meditation (Mindfulness)

This experiential workshop is designed to educate students about mindful meditation. Students will learn one form, long meditation and one shorter, informal meditation to use to help them focus on the present moment and reduce negative thought patterns.        

Relationship Workshop Series

Join us for a series of workshops designed to help you decide what you truly want in a soul mate, learn how different personalities interact in relationships, practice communication skills to help navigate even the most difficult disagreements, and recognize toxic relationships and when it's time to say goodbye. All students are welcome, whether in a relationship or not, and your partners don't have to attend with you. Please contact counseling services to sign up or for more information.