Groups & Workshops

Counseling Services is offering groups and workshops on a variety of topics throughout the academic year to support students having a successful semester. Topics include reviewing tips for managing stress, anxiety, time, self-care, and more. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates.


Managing Panic Attacks

This workshop is for students experiencing panic attacks, regardless of whether they meet criteria for panic disorder. This one session workshop will help students understand and learn strategies for stopping panic attacks. Students will learn techniques for reducing physiological symptoms and changing maladaptive thoughts.   

Adjusting to the new Normal

This is a workshop that focuses on developing skills to better handle change in times where change is unpredictable. This workshop covers topics on dealing with stress and anxiety, time management, tips on doing well while taking online classes, readjusting to living with parents, and self-care.

Meditation (Mindfulness)

This experiential workshop is designed to educate students about mindful meditation. Students will learn one form, long meditation and one shorter, informal meditation to use to help them focus on the present moment and reduce negative thought patterns.        

Relationship Workshop Series

Join us for a series of workshops designed to help you decide what you truly want in a soul mate, learn how different personalities interact in relationships, practice communication skills to help navigate even the most difficult disagreements, and recognize toxic relationships and when it's time to say goodbye. All students are welcome, whether in a relationship or not, and your partners don't have to attend with you. Please contact counseling services to sign up or for more information.