Awards sought by Georgia College Faculty and Staff, 2020-21

Awards sought by Georgia College Faculty and Staff, 2020-21

Georgia College strives to create a faculty-focused culture in which faculty are encouraged, supported, rewarded, and recognized in their efforts to seek out, apply for, and receive prestigious, faculty teaching awards and other opportunities. Faculty can search for awards on the GC Awards Database, and seek advice and assistance from those associated with this campus-wide initiative.

About the GC Awards Database...

This GC Awards Database is a resource for Georgia College faculty and staff. While comprehensive, it focuses on awards related to the disciplines practiced at Georgia College. The emphasis on SoTL and teaching awards reflects our core mission. Dissertation grants, travel awards, subventions, awards attached to academic conference presentations, awards with closed nomination processes, and institutional grants are not included. If there are awards within the scope of this database that are not yet included, you can make a recommendation to us here.

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Awards Spotlight

Inis Oírr, 2018
Kerry Neville, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing

What was the full name of the award?

Fulbright Scholar Award, Teaching Fellow, Ireland (2018)

Where were you researching/teaching?

I was teaching in the MA in Creative Writing Program at University of Limerick, completing research for my manuscript-in-progress, and studying the Irish language.

What were your research/teaching projects?

I taught two classes for the MA in Creative Writing Program, and in addition, was invited faculty for the University of Limerick Creative Writing Winter School and gave various lectures and readings for American Literature and Creative Writing classes at University of Limerick and University College Dublin.

Why did you decide to pursue this professional award/opportunity?

I've been long interested in Ireland for personal and professional reasons, and before I'd applied for the Fulbright, I'd been asked by the MA in Creative Writing Program at University of Limerick to be summer faculty for their Frank McCourt Creative Writing Summer School. The director of the program and I began to brainstorm ways I might teach for their MA program for a term and the Fulbright Fellowship seemed a perfect fit as I could offer instruction in an area their faculty weren't covering (Creative Nonfiction).

What did you find surprising and/or challenging about the application process?

The Fulbright Award requires a great deal of advance planning and application. I needed to secure an invitation from a host university and a prospective "course of teaching" in advance of the application. Additionally, I was required to submit my application in August 2017 for an August 2018 start date for my specific Fulbright Award. I started working on my application and gathering my official letters of invitation from my host university in March 2017.

In what ways did the award/experience enhance your professional/academic development? Were there some unexpected benefits? 

I am regularly invited to guest lecture for various Irish universities and community organizations. I am now a Board Member of an Irish Writers Organization, Writepace: Walls of Limerick. Additionally, I planned a study abroad trip for GCSU students that drew on my Irish resources and experience (alas, COVID prevented us from going in May 2020). My professional network has expanded and I have every intention of continuing my Ireland-related work and language study. 

What should other Georgia College faculty know about the application process for this award?

It is important to have a specific project statement, to have specific plans for how you will be teaching/participating in the host institution's academic offerings, and to make an excellent case for why "you" are a best fit for your country of application. 

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