Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities are small groups of faculty and staff who meet several times during the academic year to discuss, and build community around, a particular issue or approach to teaching and student learning at Georgia College. The Faculty Learning Communities meet approximately every three weeks, either virtually or face-to-face. For the purpose of this grants' program, Faculty Learning Communities should consist of 5-8 members from more than one academic discipline, and preferably from more than one department. 

GC Learning Communities


A wide variety of topics and activities would qualify for consideration; the primary factor, of course, is to choose something related to teaching and student learning. Examples of appropriate topics would include but are certainly not limited to: GC Journeys, LEAP initiatives, diversity issues, technology integration, interdisciplinary teaching, service learning, problem-based learning, undergraduate research, reflective learning, role-playing simulations, computer simulations, GC1Y and GC2Y courses, GeorgiaVIEW, the flipped classroom, and integrative learning strategies. 


Proposals should be 1-2 pages, and consist of the following:

  1. Name/Title of the Faculty Learning Community
  2. Names of FLC members with their disciplinary/departmental affiliations
  3. Description of the project, in language clear to a non-specialist
  4. Dollar amount requested (max. $500) 
  5. Line-item budget (e.g., speakers, materials, travel)* and justification
  6. Name of the FLC director who is responsible for submitting the proposal, tracking the budget, and submitting an outcome report.  An outcome report will include a description of what was accomplished along with a product that may vary in format.  For example, it might be a journal article, a conference presentation, a workshop, or any other scholarly report. Final 2021-2022 Faculty Learning Community outcome reports are due June 1, 2022.

*Note:  Budget items should be used to enhance scholarship.  Funds do not cover food expenses.

Expected Learning Outcome Report

An outcome report may vary in format.  For example, it might be a journal article, a conference presentation, a workshop, or any other scholarly report. 

Proposal Deadline

Proposals for Spring 2023 Faculty Learning Communities are due December 1, 2022. The Faculty Learning Communities are made possible by Center for Teaching and Learning program funds.

Chancellor's Learning Scholars

The Chancellor’s Learning Scholars are representatives from each institution in the University System of Georgia who facilitate Faculty Learning Communities on their campuses.