Student Rating of Instruction (SRIS)

Why Student Rating of Instruction?

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy Manual ( requires each institution to use a written system to evaluate teaching effectiveness.  The purpose is to provide feedback for instructors to improve teaching.  The Georgia College Policy Manual specifies the online process for student opinion surveys "as part of the evaluation of teaching effectiveness for faculty members" (para 1).

SRIS Fall 2019 Schedule Dates To Be Determined

Mark courses to be surveyed in Banner/PAWS
Complete Faculty Information Form (FIF)
Students complete surveys 

Completing Faculty Information Form (FIF) and Interpreting SRIS Results

Two steps for the Student Rating of Instruction Survey:

  • Complete the Faculty Information Form (FIF)
  • Obtain and interpret the results of student feedback

To complete the Faculty Information Form:

  • Click on the PAWS icon from the Unify page
  • Select the Faculty Services tab
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to select Student Opinion of Teaching FIF Survey
  • Your current courses will appear - complete the FIF for each of the courses. 
  • Remember to select only 3-5 objectives as important (I) (weighted as "1") or essential (E) (weighted as "2").  Mark all other objectives as minor (M) (weighted as "0").  
  • Do not leave any of the objectives blank because all blank objectives default to Important with a rating of "1".

View the PowerPoint for assistance
View an example of the online FIF 

To obtain and interpret the results of student feedback:

The results reflect student ratings for each of the objectives you selected with suggestions on how to assist students to improve progress on meeting the objectives.

  • Click on the PAWS icon from the Unify page
  • Select the GCSU Report tab
  • Select Student Rating of Instruction Results.

Need assistance interpreting your results?  Call the Center for Teaching and Learning at 478-445-2520 or write an email to  CTL. We can visit your office for a personal consultation or you can drop by our department located in Library 375

Q: What is the process for selection of courses for SRIS?

  • Each instructor has a minimum of 2 courses surveyed.
  • The Department Chair selects one course and the instructor selects the other course.
  • Classes with low enrollments  are not evaluated. 
  • Instructors can add additional courses to SRIS.
  • The courses are processed and the CRNs are sent to SRIS. 
  • The GCSU Reports tab in PAWS, “SRIS Evaluation Class List” link allows you to see what classes have been selected for SRIS by term. 

Q: What factors affect the instructor's rating?

  • Low class enrollments (less than 10)
  • Fewer than 60% of the students enrolled completed the survey.  
  • How you identify objectives that are Important or Essential for the specific course. Remember that objectives identified as Essential are weighted twice as much as Important 
  • The more objectives you select, the greater the likelihood that your final overall average score relative to student learning will be lower. This is because it’s unlikely that students will report significant progress across all or most of the learning objectives. This is why the FIF instructions recommend that you select no more than five learning objectives. We recommend you select three: One Essential and Two Important

Q: How is the rating calculated?

  • The average of student rating of instruction for the objectives the instructor selected
  • The overall ratings for "student agreement with statements that the teacher and the course were excellent."
Resources for the Student Rating of Instruction Survey

The resources below come from the IDEA Center, the publisher of the Student Rating of Instruction Survey (SRIS).  They are designed to provide an overview of the survey and its elements and to provide guidelines to faculty and administrators on how to accurately interpret the SRIS results.  You can also visit the IDEA Center's SRIS page.