Humanities Faculty Projects

Featured here are a selection of projects by Georgia College & State University faculty in humanities disciplines.

President Cox and Ally Baker
Geography Students Salvatore DePasquale, Tanner Adams, Josh Morris
2023 Roundtable Discussion
2023 Roundtable Discussion

Trax on the Trail

Trax on the Trail

Founded and co-edited by Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, Associate Professor of Music, Trax on the Trail is a website and research project devoted to the study of American presidential campaign music. Our interdisciplinary team includes students and scholars from across the US and Canada. Over the past seven years, Trax on the Trail has grown into a project of international significance, standing on the vanguard of research exploring the intersection of music and politics in American culture.

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Black Activism: a transatlantic legacy

Black Activism DHC Project


Black Activism: A Transatlantic Legacy, is a public history and humanities website co-directed by Sidonia Serafini, Assistant Professor of English, and Barbara McCaskill, Professor of English and Associate Director for the Willson Center for Humanities & Arts at the University of Georgia. The website examines the imprint of Black activism in the US and the UK, past and present.


Conflict in America: Case Studies in Peace Making

Conflict in America


"Conflict in America" was an online course offered as part of the Mellon Foundation-funded COPLAC-Digital initiative in Fall 2017 and Spring 2019 taught by Jessica Wallace, Associate Professor of History, and James Welch, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. 

More Alike Than Different

0 more alike than different


Documentary and website service learning project was designed to promote social inclusion of people with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD) by aiming to eliminate any stigmas associated with IDD.

Created by seniors in the Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 capstone course, Digital Media Production, taught by Angela Criscoe, Associate Professor of Mass Communication: (Spring 2017) Chelyse Abrams, Drew Blankenbecler, William Boone, Taylor Kidner, Pierce Maugans, Apryl McClinton, Rachel Overly, Jessica Perschka, Patricia Pulliam, Caylin Sams, Carrington "Savannah" Stout, Marcina Thacker; (Fall 2017) William Anderson, Benjamin Arduino, Alexandra Davies, Maggie Foster, Sabbitha Hames, Abigail Knox, Emily McClure, Alaina Minshew, Christian Thomas, and Nickolas Wiedemann.

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Central State Hospital: People, Places & Progress

0 central state hospital


Website created by students James Beaman, Mallory Sage, David Tobelman, Karly Crawford, Angela Moryan, Sam Jones, Blake Nipper, Madelyn Turner, Will Balkcom, and Amanda Norris.

Through support of Johnny Grant and collaboration with Mike Couch and Lauren Abis with Central State Hospital Redevelopment Authority, seniors in the Fall 2016 capstone course, Digital Media Production, taught by Angela Criscoe, Associate Professor of Mass Communication, were tasked with gathering stories through video and documenting the appreciation of Central State Hospital's employees, families, and progress.

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