GC Double Bobcat Pathway

Welcome to the GC Double Bobcat Pathway information page!

Highly talented and motivated students are invited to consider applying to a Double Bobcat pathway, which allows an undergraduate student to enroll in graduate-level courses. Admitted students can take up to 12 semester hours in graduate-level course credit to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements in the Double Bobcat pathway. Those hours can then be counted in a Georgia College graduate program!*

*Students must be fully accepted to The Graduate School and complete at least one term of graduate coursework for hours to apply.

Year 1
Review Double Bobcat Pathways
Year 2
Talk to your advisor and the Pathway contact
Year 3
Apply and get admitted to the Double Bobcat Pathway
Year 4
Take graduate level classes and apply to The Graduate School
Year 5
Get admitted to and enroll in the graduate program