Customized Employer Educational Programs


Continuing and Professional Education is here to help you, your employees, and your organization with your training needs. We are dedicated to developing, training, and educating your most vital resource -- your employees. We are always willing to take any course idea, customize it for your organization's particular needs, and present it exclusively to your employees. Our state-of-the-art training can be provided at any time, day or night, and in any location, including your facility, the university, or an off-site location of your choice. We are extremely flexible as our primary goal is to properly train your employees at your convenience.


We understand that today's aggressive global business environment combined with rapid technological change present real challenges to organizations and their employees. To help you remain competitive, Continuing and Professional Education at Georgia College provides the following:

  • We design and implement employee training programs specific to your industry.
  • We provide training at your convenience.
  • We offer free, on-site needs assessments to your organization.
  • We guarantee immediate results as our training is customized for your employees' needs.
  • We pledge to provide the highest quality instructors, each experienced and fully qualified to provide the training in a practical, real-world manner.
  • We offer high-quality facilities, including conference rooms, meeting rooms, computer labs, arenas, and auditoria, for your meetings.

For further information, or to inquire about specific courses, call us at (478) 818-7345 or e-mail