Workforce Readiness Program

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Workforce Readiness Team
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The Milledgeville Baldwin County Workforce Readiness Program is a collaborative effort to support our local businesses in recruiting, retaining, and building our community's workforce to be Georgia's Best! 

Employer Commitment

Employers participating in this program are asked to commit to this program by participating in a Career Fair, Mentoring, and contributing financially.

I Commit!

Career Fair

Business partners will get the opportunity to participate in a Career Fair hosted for the Workforce Readiness Program students. Upon interviewing students, business partners will be assigned a choice Workforce Readiness student to employ, mentor, and train. 

2024 Workforce Readiness Program Career Fair 
April 9


Business Partners will support the Workforce Readiness Program student by mentoring, coaching, and training them for the assigned position.   
A commitment of four (4) to seven (7) weeks of paid employment with a minimum of 30 hours per week of work. "Work" can be defined as hours for mentoring, coaching, and training. 

Financial investment

Business partners will pay the Workforce Readiness Program student for one (1) week of instruction and four (4) to seven (7) weeks of employment with a minimum of 30 hours per week.  
A minimum of $8.00 an hour is required.   
$200 Program Fee to participate.   

I'm Ready to Commit!

If you are an employer and you are ready to commit to this program and grow your workforce, complete the "I Commit" form.   
We will follow up with details of our kick-off meeting in the spring.  
I Commit!

Student Commitment

Student commitment is required to ensure the success of this program. 

Students must commit to the following requirements: 

  • Participate in a week-long classroom experience: GeorgiaBest curriculum.
  • Work seven (7) weeks of paid employment. Minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • Learn and train on the job.

School Commitment 

Our local schools are where this program will begin.  We are asking our school partners to commit to recruiting and placement of Workforce Readiness Program students.   

  • School Counselors recruit students to participate in the Workforce Readiness summer program.
  • School Counselors serve on a committee to place each student with a business partner.