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Georgia College students learn essential skills that will support workforce needs and organizational growth. A liberal arts education prepares students for a diverse career path. Through engaged learning, academic rigor, and faculty mentors, students become critical thinkers, writers, problem-solvers, and excellent communicators. 

Employers can partner with Georgia College to Hire GC students for jobs that will support your workforce needs. We offer for-credit internships, non-credit internships, career fairs for recruiting efforts, and opportunities to table and meet students on campus. 

Our Employer Education Partnerships program provides your current employees with intentional pathways to obtain a graduate degree, certificate, or customized training that will help develop professional skills and enhance your organization. We offer your employees the flexibility of attending classes that are affordable, accessible, and accelerated so they can balance work, school, and family commitments.

Partner with Georgia College and you will discover the quality and skills a liberal arts education can provide to your employees.




Student Speaker at event
Lab Worker
"Georgia College taught me how to gather my ideas, prepare my presentations, and communicate to specific audiences."   "My professors taught me how to ask questions, research, and discover ways to accomplish goals. This has prepared me to be a critical thinker & problem-solver. "
Jane Doe, Class of 2015   Doe Jane, Class of 2021




Team Player

Teacher with children
Students Collaborating
"Through out college I've written a variety of papers, lesson plans, and presentations. Writing is a key essential skill that my professors embedded in many of my assignments. I'm confident in my ability to write and communicate in a professional manner."   "Many of my assignments required teamwork. I have learned to value different perspectives and discovered ways that I could lead in a group, as well as follow, when necessary . "
Janet Doe, Class of 2022   Doe Jane, Class of 2021

Employer Remarks


"[The intern] has continuously impressed us with drive, critical thinking, and confidence in [their] work...[They have] been invaluable to the marketing department...We are extremely excited to have [them] as a part of the team this year!"

Student Writing

Dekalb County School District

"We have recruited in and around the Atlanta area for years. Establishing a relationship with Georgia College has been one of our biggest successes. I didn't know where Milledgeville was, but now we won't stop coming back..."


Blue Ridge Chamber of Commerce

[They] are a good fit for this organization and can take our programs to the next level. I have offered [them] a job and can't wait for [them] to start."

Students Meeting