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Getting Involved with the Office of Sustainability

Georgia College is committed to the stewardship of its resources, including the campus physical environment. The Georgia College campus sustainability mission is to effectively and efficiently manage natural, physical and financial resources through social, environmental and economic responsibility and provide leadership and coordination of sustainability initiatives throughout the campus community with education, research and engagement. With greater awareness of the environmental challenges that affect us locally and globally, Georgia College has renewed its commitment to taking stock of its own environmental impact and exploring ways in which the university community can enhance the environmental of our campus.

Lauren Barber

"Working with the OOS opened my eyes up to how important sustainability and the environment is, especially among young adults in a college setting. The OOS gave me and my coworkers the opportunity to educate our peers and make a noticeable impact on our college campus. It was an experience that has positively impacted my life every single day."  - Lauren Barber, B.S. Environmental Science, (Certificate of Sustainability), 2019

Nicole Wright

"I was the arboretum specialist for Georgia College’s Office of Sustainability from 2021-2022, and I loved my time working for OOS. Through this position, I really found my love for outreach and education that I continue to foster as a Stormwater Technician for Bluffton, SC where I develop and facilitate outreach programs with a focus on pollution prevention and watershed resiliency. I really loved working at the different outreach events we put on like the first pop-up thrift shop and campus farmers market and am so grateful for the relationships I was able to create with my fellow interns." - Nicole Wright, B.S. Environmental Science, (Political Science Minor, Geology Minor, Certificate of Sustainability), 2022

Toria Middleton

"I loved going to and helping with the symposiums and events. Interacting with students and the community on a personal level was always so rewarding. One of the best experiences I ever had working at the OOS was helping the Boys and Girls Club grow flowers and veggies. It gave me a chance to meet new people and build friendships that even last to this day. As an introvert in college, that meant the world to me." - Toria Middleton, B.S. Environmental Science, 2020

Alexa Anderton

"Working at the Office of Sustainability was a long held dream of mine ever since discovering about the sustainability initiatives on campus during my first year of college. I was introduced to many new topics such as composting food waste, schoolwide recycling, and LEED Certified buildings. After this introduction, I was even more interested in continuing these programs and expanding new ones. So, it was a full circle moment when the opportunity arose for a position during my senior year. I am so grateful to the Office of Sustainability for their dedication and focus of making a positive, environmental impact every day on Georgia College's campus." - Alexa Anderton, Environmental Science, (History Minor, Certificate of Sustainability), 2021

Julia (Steele) Gavrielides

"The OOS is a phenomenal place to grow, gather support, and be challenged. When I first began at the OOS, I was full of ideas about what sustainability could look like on campus. After meeting the right people and feeling like I was part of a team, my ideas turned into our ideas and we began to see growth on campus. It was fun to rally students together to get on board with or mission." - Julia (Steele) Gavrielides, Environmental Sciences, (Public Health Minor), 2019

Anna Lippy

"Working with the OOS has given me valuable experience, exposure, and encouragement. I have loved getting hands-on experience with the compost program and being involved in campus events. I have had the opportunity to attended conferences, funded through the Sustainability Fee Program, at which I made important connections and expanded my network. The OOS staff is very kind and supportive, and we all encourage each other to be the best we can and as green as we can." - Anna Lippy, Environmental Science, (Certificate of Sustainability), 2023

Emma Brodzik

"The Office of Sustainability at GC was the catalyst into my realization that this focus area could turn into a career. Being able to work first hand on tangible and impactful projects like Move-In recycling, composting, and solar installations allowed me to leave my time in undergrad with real leadership and project skills. By far, working as a student assistant in this office and the open community at GC to listen to and empower students was the best experience of my college career. - Emma Brodzik, Economics, 2017.

The main point of contact for sustainability at Georgia College is the Office of Sustainability. Housed in the Department of Biological and Environmental Science, the office serves to monitor, analyze, and promote projects that help the campus to conserve resources, promote sustainable behaviors, and educate our campus and the surrounding community. Georgia College has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a Green Ribbon School for its postsecondary sustainability efforts and leadership in facilities, health, and environmental stewardship. Georgia College is additionally recognized as a Bronze institution by AASHE, the leading association for the advancement of sustainability in higher education.