Georgia College's Honors Student Association

Eta Sigma Alpha is Georgia College's Honors Student Association. Eta Sigma Alpha organizes numerous service, social and other events and activities. All Honors students are required to join Eta Sigma Alpha and remain in good standing by participating regularly in Honors and Eta Sigma Alpha event. Students are asked to contribute $75 in their first year and $10 per year thereafter, via cash or check payable to Eta Sigma Alpha. These fees may be waived for students receiving federal financial aid and pro-rated for collegiate entry and transfer students. Fees are used to cover the cost of food for Eta Sigma Alpha events and for some events (such as Honors Convocation) jointly sponsored with the John E. Sallstrom Honors College. The fees also underwrite the cost of supplies for the coffee/tea/hot chocolate bar in the student lounge and cover the graduation banquet for graduating seniors, two family members and a faculty guest. 

Eta Sigma Alpha Lapel Pin

Ideally, Honors students should earn FIVE (5) participation points each semester. Honors lunch and dinner seminars are worth 1 participation point; Honors book and film discussions are worth 2 participation points; presentations or performances of creative work are worth 2 points; and presentations at undergraduate research conferences (such as the Georgia Collegiate Honors Council) are worth 3 points. Complete the Honors Points Form to log points.

Students earn a gold, silver, or bronze graduation medallion for averaging 7-10, 4-6, or 1-3 points per academic year, respectively, with appropriate adjustments made for students graduating early or studying abroad. The total number of points earned will be divided by the total number of academic years, with half a year figured as 0.5.

Eta Sigma Alpha events are posted on the Honors College's GC Connect page.

Executive Board, 2023-24

President & Treasurer: Ryan McGill
Vice President: Caroline Cole
Parliamentarian: Emerson Hamm
Director of Social Engagement: Chad Helton
Director of Campus Involvement: Jared Reese
Director of Academic Affairs: Shani Thompson
Director of Intramural Activities: Carly Walker
Director of New Membership: Kathryn Brook
Director of Public Relations: Tommy Creekmore

Past Presidents

2022-23, Bella Angell
2021-22, Jacob Carter
2020-21, Rosalyn Bosarge
2019-20, Julian Lopez Hanson
2018-19, Julian Lopez Hanson
2017-18, Dorianna Dobson
2016-17, Dorianna Dobson
2015-16, Dorianna Dobson
2014-15, Elizabeth Lohrmann
2013-14, Alissa Marchat
2012-13, Sally Gilbreth
2011-12, Olivia Ollinger
2010-11, Brandon Williams
2009-10, Caroline Rentz
2008-09, Justin Reeves
2007-08, Lauren Lundin
2006-07, Lauren Lundin
2005-06, Harold Mock
2004-05, Casey Matthews
2003-04, Harold Mock
2003-03, Amber Knepper
2002-02, Dilanka Seimon
2001-02, Jennifer Colleran
2000-01, Bob Daneke
1999-00, Rochelle Norton
1998-99, Kelly Wallace
1997-98, Amanda Hudgens