Faculty Opportunities in Honors

While we do not have a designated "honors faculty," we do have numerous and varied opportunities for faculty involvement in the John E. Sallstrom Honors College at various levels of commitment; these opportunities include:

  • teaching an honors section of a core curriculum class, especially a "Great Ideas" class, which threads a "great idea" through the class and uses primary sources and materials
  • supervising a scholarly or creative project through an honors option, and serving as a student's research mentor over the course of a semester
  • leading a lunch or dinner seminar on a topic of scholarly interest for a group of a dozen or so students
  • facilitating a book (fiction or non-fiction) discussion for a group of 6-8 students or documentary film screening and discussion for a larger group
  • leading a study away fall break trip as part of our "American Experience" program         

Extracurricular events should be designed stimulate students' intellectual engagement and to reflect and reinforce GCSU's liberal arts mission. Faculty are encouraged to provide a description of their proposed event, including the significance of the content and what students might expect to get out of the event.

Faculty interested in learning more about the opportunities for involvement should contact the dean at the e-mail address below.