Requirements & Expectations


  • Maintain a 3.30 or higher institutional GPA. A student whose institutional GPA falls below a 3.30 will be placed on one semester of Honors academic probation. A probationary student whose GPA rises to 3.30 or higher will return to good standing. A probationary student whose GPA rises, but does not get to 3.30, will be placed on another semester of Honors academic probation. If a student’s institutional GPA has not improved at the end of a probationary semester, then the student will be removed from the Honors College with the option to submit a written appeal for reinstatement.*
  • Complete at least 18 Honors credit hours to graduate with Honors. Students who earn at least 24 Honors credit hours will be recognized as earning "Honors with Distinction" and will be awarded a special stole at the Honors Awards and Graduation Banquet.
  • Maintain reasonable progress toward completion of Honors credit hours--typically 6 Honors credit hours each year until the minimum of 18 Honors credit hours has been reached.
  • Be a member of Eta Sigma Alpha (the Honors Student Association).
  • Complete an exit survey prior to graduation.


  • Take at least 12 hours of academic credit in the fall and spring semesters.
  • Participate in the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the Honors College - in dinner seminars, book discussions, service activities, and other events. Students are encouraged to earn five (5) Honors points each semester by participating in sponsored events. Students earn a gold, silver, or bronze graduation medallion for averaging 7-10, 4-6, or 1-3 points per academic year, respectively, with appropriate adjustments made for students graduating early or studying abroad. The total number of points earned will be divided by the total number of academic years, with half a year figured as 0.5.
  • Contribute to campus and/or the local community -- take up leadership roles in campus organizations and/or serve the community.
  • Exhibit the highest standards of personal behavior.**
  • Graduate within four years.

*The appeal letter must include a plan for improvement. Appeals will be considered by an Honors Faculty Council appeals subcommittee. At its discretion, the Honors Faculty Council appeals subcommittee may request a hearing with the student. If the institutional GPA of a readmitted student does not improve by the end of the probationary semester following reinstatement, then the student will be removed from the Honors College and no subsequent appeal will be allowed.
**Honors students found to be in violation of the Honor Code and/or the Code of Conduct may be dismissed from the program at the discretion of the dean and the Honors Faculty Council.

A comprehensive overview of requirements, expectations, and opportunities is available in the Honors Student Handbook.