Institutional Review Board

The Georgia College & State University Institutional Review Board (GCSU IRB) provides oversight for all research projects conducted by Georgia College students, faculty, and staff that involve humans as participants.  As part of our oversight, our goals are two-fold: 

  • Goal #1:  Provide guidance for new and ongoing research projects of GCSU students, faculty, and staff to ensure that such projects are conducted in line with established federal and local policies
  • Goal #2:  Educate the GCSU community about the ethical conduct of research broadly, including keeping researchers at all levels abreast of evolving guidelines

In the service of goal #1, all research involving human participants conducted at Georgia College or by Georgia College faculty, staff, or students must be reviewed and approved by the GCSU IRB before the research can begin.  For information about obtaining such approval, check out the "submission information" page.  You can also jump directly to the GCSU IRB Portal by clicking here

In service of goal #2, all investigators that will be involved in research with human participants must provide evidence that they have had research ethics training within the last three years.  Currently, GCSU IRB offers this training through CITI. Also in service of goal #2, the GCSU IRB will keep the GCSU community updated as to changes in the guidelines provided by the Office of Human Research Protection and any local policies and procedures that are in place.