Leadership & Management Essentials

For Government Employees

City Employees

Leadership & Management Essentials for Government Employees Certificate


This four-day certificate program engages new or emerging leaders in the fundamentals of leadership, business practices, and people management. Government employees who successfully complete this certificate program will be able to lead their city operations effectively, and efficiently with purpose, intent, and confidence. 

Certificate Details

A Georgia College program coordinator will work with you to implement this certificate program in your city or on our campus.

Participants will earn three continuing education units (3.0 CEUs) plus a certificate of completion.

COurse 1

Leadership Essentials
Instructor: Harold Mock

Leadership Essentials Course Information:
6-8 hours

  • Understand the difference between leadership and management
  • Explore and analyze coaching styles
  • Develop interpersonal skills to communicate effectively, provide effective feedback, and build trust
  • Develop leadership competencies for managing change, solving problems, making decisions, managing politics, setting vision and strategy, and managing work


COurse 2

Business Fundamentals
Instructor: Ward Risvold

Business Fundamentals Course Information:
6-8 hours

  • Understand the basics of the municipal budgetary process
  • Develop skills to effectively manage operations within a budget
  • Identify steps to good decision making
  • Understand the difference between a business case and a business plan
  • Develop skills to speak and present effectively


Course 3

People Management
Instructor: Aric Wilhau

People Management Course Information:
6-8 hours

  • Understand interview dos and don’ts
  • Understand how to effectively onboard and train new employees
  • Explore performance management techniques and strategies for employee conflict resolution
  • Understand how to write effective performance evaluations and disciplinary actions
  • Lawful terminations and offboarding


Course 4 

Instructor: Liz Speelman

Workshop Information:
6-8 hours

  • Roleplay and practice coaching styles and leadership competencies (Course 1)
  • Develop and present a business case and budget request (Course 2)
  • Roleplay and practice management techniques and strategies for conflict resolution (Course 3)
  • Develop and present a performance evaluation or disciplinary action (Course 3)