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The mission of the Office of Legal Affairs is to educate the Georgia College & State University community as to the laws and regulations applicable to the University's operations. Legal Affairs also works to manage legal issues and facilitate transactions, to provide advice and counsel, to foster sound decision-making and creative problem-solving, and to provide legal representation, all of which to facilitate the University's pursuit of its mission.  It is the goal of the Office of Legal Affairs to provide counsel to minimize legal risks and costs, reduce litigation exposure, and ensure legal compliance, and to do so efficiently, expeditiously, reliably, and professionally.

The guiding principles for the Office of Legal Affairs are: AccountabilityCompetenceDue Diligence, Integrity, and Professionalism. The office incorporates these principles as we work to fulfill the mission of Legal Affairs and at the same time aid in fulfilling the mission of Georgia College. They are unwavering and reflect how we interact with each other, our clients, and the community.


  • Mary Sanders, Legal Affairs Manager



In serving the University's interests, Legal Affairs pursues excellence in the quality of services provided to its clients and maintains the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity. Such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Advise, assist, and train administrators, faculty, and staff with respect to legal issues that arise during the course of their employment duties with Georgia College.
  • Assist with the development of policies that align with the University’s mission while preserving the legal, ethical, and financial integrity of the University;
  • Assist departments with administration and negotiation of all third-party contracts;
  • Assist international employees with visa and permanent residency process;
  • The Office of Legal Affairs serves as Georgia College’s liaison to the University System of Georgia's Office of Legal Affairs and the Georgia Attorney General’s office. Please do not contact these offices without first consulting the Office of Legal Affairs.
Legal Assistance

If a legal issue arises as part of your job at Georgia College, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs as soon as possible.

We cannot provide legal advice or services to students.  Likewise, we cannot offer services or advice to faculty or staff regarding personal legal concerns.  If you are in need of legal services or advice, you should contact one of the many excellent attorneys who practice in this area.  Information regarding the local bar is available through many sources including and  If you are unable to pay for legal services, you may be eligible for assistance through the Georgia Legal Services Program.

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