Materials Management

Materials Management

Materials Management is a multifaceted department which provides a wide-range of services for the campus community. These services include Central Receiving, Purchasing, Telecommunications, Inventory Control, Fleet Management, Insurance Services and Moving Services.  


The Purchasing Department works to identify, select, and acquire needed materials and services as economically as possible within accepted standards of quality and service. This is accomplished in a timely and organized manner that provides for essential accountability of university expenditures with the highest level of ethics and integrity.

Asset Management and Surplus Property

Asset Management and Surplus Property is responsible for recording and maintaining a record of the University’s physical assets. This includes performing an annual inventory of all assets with a value of $3,000 or more and disposing of any university property deemed as surplus. 

Central Receiving

Central Receiving receives all incoming freight and packages from UPS, FEDEX and other freight carriers; inspects and processes purchase order purchases and credit card orders and delivers them to the departments; ships out freight and other packages for UPS, FEDEX and other carriers.

Moving Services

Moving Services' primary responsibilities are the movement, delivery, or relocation of furniture and equipment and the set up for campus events.  Total office moves, new furniture/equipment deliveries and campus events will be handled as top priority. The relocation of small quantities of boxed materials will be handled as promptly as possible as available resources allow.

Meet our Staff

Mark Meeks
Senior Director of Materials Management and Central Services

Kim Couey
Buyer II
307 Miller Court

Vicki Watson
Senior Purchasing Assistant
305 Miller Court

Lisa Herndon
Purchasing Assistant
306 Miller Court

April Wall
Asset and Surplus Property Manager
304 Miller Court

Anthony Miller
Central Receiving Manager
320 North Wayne St.

Jen Brown
Central Receiving Clerk
320 North Wayne St.

Trevino Knight
Delivery Worker
320 North Wayne St.

James Binion
Moving and Surplus Property Lead
320 North Wayne St.

Cody Mills
320 North Wayne St.

Darius French
320 North Wayne St.