Georgia College Research Day 2024

Research Day Presentation

Georgia College & State University will recognize student research and creative work via GCSU Research Day, which will take place Wednesday March 27th, 2024.

About the Conference 

What is Research Day? 

Research Day is a campus-wide event that gives students the opportunity to present research or support their peers who are sharing their works. Research Day is an expansion of the GC Student Research Conference as well as a collaborator of day two of the Women's and Gender Studies Symposium. In addition to student presentations, various campus entities provide fun activities for students to enjoy.  

Who can participate in Research Day?

All undergraduate and graduate students can participate in Research Day. Students of all disciplines are encouraged to submit a proposal pertinent to their area of study. For instance, dance students can submit a proposal to perform a dance routine, art students can submit a proposal for a painting, and creative writing students can submit a proposal for a story. GCSU’s Research Day is not just for STEM students; all students are encouraged to submit proposals. Presentations are approximately 10 minutes each, with students’ presentations grouped together based on discipline in 1-hour sessions.  

What is Student Research?

Student Research, in the context of Research Day, is interpreted as any scholarly or creative activity ranging from scientific experimentation to service-learning, to literary criticism, to case-study design, to artistic expression and so on. Students from all disciplines are invited to submit their work for presentation.  Students interested in presenting should consult with their faculty mentor and submit their work according to the conference guidelines. 

Research day 2024 schedules 

Note: This schedule will be updated as events are planned. 

  • Tuesday, March 26th: Saladin Scholar keynote speaker 
  • Wednesday, March 27th: Wellness picnic, poster presentations, panel discussions

Call for proposals 

The submission portal opens December 1st, 2023. You can access the portal HERE

 The GCSU Research Day Committee welcomes submissions from all current Georgia College & State University undergraduate and graduate students in all fields of research and/or creative activities. Students whose abstracts are accepted are expected to attend and present on Research Day, taking place Wednesday, March 27, 2024. 

Faculty mentors are asked to identify students who have a scholarly and/or creative contribution to make to the conference and encourage them to submit it. Faculty are also asked to share this opportunity with their classes and encourage students to attend. 

When working with a mentee in preparing the abstract for submission, please ...

1. Verify that all elements of the abstract meet the "Abstract requirements" and "Abstract Formatting Guide
2. Review the poster and/or oral/performance presentation guidelines with the mentee
3. When edits or revisions are required to meet the standards for rigor, style, and completion of your discipline, please work with your mentee by assisting them in making the changes or direct them to a MURACE consultation at the GCSU Writing Center. Upon your approval of the abstract submission, the project will be automatically accepted into Research Day 2024.

Note: For Regular Undergraduate Submissions: Mentors MUST approve student work before the student is permitted to participate. There will be no formal review of submissions upon final approval by the mentor. 

Presenter faqs 

How to have the best possible conference experience

Consider completing early-bird check-in the day prior to Research Day. Early-bird check-in times and locations will be announced in March. If early-bird check-in is not an option, please arrive at check-in by 8:30. On Research-Day, check-in stations will be in front of Magnolia Ballroom for poster presentations and by Arts and Sciences for others. Upon check-in, you will receive a name badge, which will also have a QR code to give you access to the full, detailed schedule. Feel free to visit other students' presentations until time for your presentation. Arrive at the room for your presentation at least 10 minutes before the session is due to begin. During any sessions, do not leave the presentation room until all presentations are completed and do NOT be on any electronic devices including a cellphone. Browse through the poster sessions to find out what other researchers are doing. 

Presentation Schedule available: The full presentation will be available before Research Day (March 27th). 

Conference Registration:  Free

Opens 8:00 a.m. and continues throughout the day

All presenters MUST check in before presenting

What Are Digital Humanities Projects?

A digital humanities project uses digital tools to investigate topics in the humanities. DH projects may include, but are by no means limited to, interactive mapping, data and spatial visualization, podcasts, virtual reality, text and social network analysis, data structuring, and web publishing.

Students may submit proposals for oral or poster presentations to be included in the special DH sessions at Research Day. Proposals should include the digital project’s URL.

Students presenting in the DH sessions are eligible to receive monetary awards for excellence in DH scholarship from the Digital Humanities Collaborative. For examples of DH scholarship by GCSU students, see the DHC’s project showcase.

When submitting, the student must select the discipline of "Arts and Humanities," and then click on the plus sign to select “Digital Humanities.”

Abstracts are due at the same time of the SRC submissions in Early Spring 2024, no later than 5:30 p.m. 

Previous Winners

25th Annual SRC Conference Winners

Best On-Campus Oral Presentation: Robert Rozelle, "COVID-19 and the Effect on Grades," Dr. Jebessa Mijena, MATHEMATICS

Best On-Campus Poster Presentation: Maung Tlung, "Cyanobacteria community analyses and Cyanotoxicity testing in Lake Sinclair, Georgia," Dr. Kalina Manoylov, BIOLOGY (CbEL)

Best Virtual Sciences Poster Presentation Winner: Evan Sinclair, "The Importance of FGF2," Dr. Arnab Sengupta, BIOLOGY

 Best Virtual CbEL Poster Presentation: Abigail Sindersine, Eliza Berry, & Jessica Berry, "Creating Awareness of Sexual Assault on the GCSU Campus with the Women’s Center," Dr. Stefanie Sevcik, GENDER STUDIES 

24th Annual SRC Conference Winners

Best Oral Presentation Winner: Katie-Rose Borrello
Best Poster Presentation Winner: Jenna Bryson 

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