Omicron Delta Kappa

Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society, recognizes and encourages superior leadership and exemplary character. The Georgia College Circle was chartered in 2001.
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National Leadership Honor Society

Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society, recognizes and encourages superior leadership and exemplary character. OΔK encourages intellect and collaboration across the five phases celebrated by Omicron Delta Kappa.

  •      Scholarship
  •      Athletics
  •      Community and University Service
  •      Journalism and Rhetoric
  •      Creative and Performing Arts
The Georgia College Circle

We invite members of the faculty and student body to cooperate in worthwhile endeavor and in a spirit of common interest, understanding, and helpfulness. Those of us who are members of this noble society value its high ideals and purposes as we strive to provide leadership in worthy undertakings and to be of service unto others. 

Membership in Omicron Delta Kappa is reserved to those who demonstrate leadership achievements in one of five phases of university life: Scholarship; Athletics; Community service, social and religious activity, and university governance; Journalism and rhetoric; and the creative and performing arts. Members are expected to demonstrate exemplary character, responsible leadership and service in university and community life, superior scholarship, genuine fellowship, and dedication to democratic ideals. Nominations come from within the Georgia College Circle of OΔK. 


Prospective members are welcomed into the Circle by the current members of Georgia College OΔK.


OΔK Emerging Leader of the Year

Each year, the Georgia College Circle of OΔK honors an exemplary freshman or sophomore as the Emerging Leader of the Year. Emerging Leaders embody the principles of OΔK: exemplary character, responsible leadership and service in university and community life, superior scholarship, genuine fellowship, and dedication to democratic ideals. 

2020: Jacob Carter and Annabelle Erb

2019: Shelby Bennett and McKenna Yearick

2018: Kendyl Lewis and Ruby Zimmerman

2017: Sabrina Brant and Cameron Watts

2016: Morgan Turnipseed

2015: Altimease Lowe and Barrett Stanley

2014: Laura Ahrens, Stephen Greenway, and McKenzie Fisher

2013: Juawn Jackson 

2012: Kayla Albright and Blair Erickson 

2011: Lauren Harris and Simone Williams 

2010: Joshua Braswell and Megan Moss 

2009: Cody Mosher and Evan Karanovich 

2008: Christy Clark, Elliott Holmes, and Megan McGuire 

2007: Chris Turner and Ryan Greene 

2006: Ashley Holder and Ajayi Monell 

2005: Nadirah Ross and Sam Rauschenberg 

2004: Harold Mock 

2003: Jessica Ward 

2002: Samantha Royal

Circle Members Honoris Causa

2020: Dr. Deborah MacMillan '98, Director and Professor, School of Nursing, Georgia College

2019: Johnny W. Grant, Director of Economic Development & External Relations, Georgia College

2018: Dr. Steve Elliott-Gower, Director of the Honors Program and Associate Professor of Political Science, Georgia College

2011: E. Alexander Gregory, Jr. '78, '79, President, CEO, and Chairman, YKK Corporation of America

Circle Officers

Executive Committee

Kendyl Lewis

Kendyl Lewis '21

Circle President
Emma Parry

Emma Grace Parry '21

Circle Vice President
Harold Mock, Ph.D.

Harold Mock, Ph.D.

Faculty Secretary