Regent’s Park College

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Regent’s Park College welcomes applications from Georgia College & State University students. If you are accepted you will become a member of a small but thriving community and be fully integrated into undergraduate life in both College and University. While at Regent’s, you will have the opportunity to experience an academically stimulating course of study as well as the varied cultural, social and sporting life of the University.

Academic Study at Regent’s Park College

The academic year at Oxford is divided into 3 terms: Michaelmas (early October to early December); Hilary (early-mid January to early-mid March), and Trinity (late-April to late June). Each term comprises 8 weeks of tuition but you are expected to arrive in the week before term begins. There are two 5-week long vacations between the three terms. Spending a full academic year at Regent’s Park College will give you the opportunity to gain as much as possible from the intellectually stimulating and academically challenging environment of Oxford University but we are also happy to consider applications to study for one or two terms.

Visiting Students do not sit examinations but your progress at Regent’s will be closely monitored with termly reports from your tutors which will be discussed with you. The grades you receive during your time at Oxford are converted for accreditation at your home institution.


Each Georgia College student selects one major tutorial (2 GCSU courses) and one minor tutorial (One GCSU course) for each 9-week term. Individual tutors provide personal instruction in virtually any course of study from the fields of humanities and social sciences. Fall semester students take an introductory course as part of the orientation program in September.  The orientation course is equivalent to 3 Georgia College credit hours.

Fall Semester: Total of 12 credit hours (1 Major & 1 Minor)
Spring Semester: Total of 18 credit hours* (2 Majors & 2 Minors)
* Maximum GCSU allowable per semester.

The Tutorial System

The tutorial method lies at the heart of Oxford University’s teaching. You will attend lectures and classes as part of your course of study but it is in the tutorial that you will engage most closely and excitingly with your chosen topic and your own ideas. A tutorial  is a concentrated period of discussion and debate for which you will prepare in advance by completing an assignment such as an essay or a set problem. To make the most of tutorials you must be motivated and organized. Experiencing this method of teaching will improve your independent study skills and help you learn how to defend and debate your ideas. Tutorials will be with College-employed academics – Fellows, Lecturers and advanced Graduate Scholars – and (in common with students on the Oxford full-degree course) you may be tutored by qualified academics in other Oxford colleges.


Available Courses

Regent’s Park College specializes in the teaching of subjects in the Arts and Humanities. For you to make the most of your time you will need to plan your courses of study carefully in consultation with faculty members in your home institution and at Regent’s. Most Visiting Students study two subjects per term: a ‘major’ topic (8 tutorials) and a ‘minor’ one (4 tutorials). We will need to be certain that you meet the required academic standards as well as showing intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for your subject. 

Below is a list of the academic subjects that are available to Visiting Students at Regent’s. Please browse the websites for more detailed information. You should plan to study ‘second-year’ or ‘third-year’ courses for undergraduates, although some ‘first-year’ courses may be suitable depending on your academic background. 

It is important that you make the right choices so please contact the Tutor for Visiting Overseas Undergraduates before making your application to explore your possible choices in detail.

Accommodations and Meals

Students will live in the Regent’s Park College accommodations located at either Pusey Street or Banbury Road. Each student will have a private bedroom and study area but share bathroom facilities. Students will have three meals per day in the dining hall and participate in a weekly formal dinner on Friday evenings.

Application Deadlines

Apply Now

September 15

Spring Application Deadline

February 1

Fall Application Deadline

Entrance Requirements

  • Junior Standing at GCSU
  • 3.7 GPA at Georgia College
  • Writing Sample of 2,000 Words
  • One Page "Statement of Purpose"
  • Two Letters of Reference from GCSU faculty
  • Completed online GCSU Study Abroad application
  • Interview with the Assistant Vice President of International Education
  • Nomination to Regent's Park College by Assistant Vice President of International Education
  • if accepted, other application materials required by Regent's Park College