students in planetarium


GCSU is proud to present the GCSU planetarium, where students can view digital simulations of the sky in an immersive 20 ft diameter dome view with guides, labels, and motion.  The planetarium also has the ability to display full dome show content. This Digitarium Epsilon projector has all the abilities of a computer vs. the slide projector views of the past.

The planetarium has been in use as part of the GCSU astronomy labs since 2008. It is also been a common part of campus outreach with visits from Kid's University, Boys and Girls club, PRELIMS, GNETS, and SEE programs. Local teacher preparation programs and summer workshops have also had the chance to experience the educational opportunities of this system.

The planetarium has been funded through the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, the GCSU Student Technology Fees Committee, and the generosity of the Grassman Foundation.   

Planetarium shows for the public occur about once a month during the academic year in conjunction with the public observatory nights.