Pre-Med Mentoring Program

pre-med mentoring classroom

Our Pre-Med Mentoring Program offers a unique opportunity for students to prepare themselves for a career in medicine. We at GCSU believe that preparation for gaining admission to a medical school is just the beginning. Our goal is not just to make you competitive for medical school admission but to equip you to be successful as a physician.

Dr. Kenneth Saladin, Distinguished Professor of Biology, Emeritus, started the Pre-Med Mentoring Program at GCSU in 2008. From then until his retirement in 2017, he mentored select groups of 8 to 10 students annually. Many of those are now practicing medicine in residency programs and beyond. Thus far, 100% of the students who went through the mentoring program and decided to go to medical school have gained admission to medical school.

Dr. Ashok Hegde joined GCSU to continue the Pre-Med Mentoring Program. Dr. Hegde is a neuroscientist who, prior to coming to GCSU, served on the faculty of Wake Forest School of Medicine for 14 years. He has several years of experience in interviewing prospective students for medical school admission and teaching medical students. He holds the endowed William Harvey Chair in Biomedical Science at GCSU. He will mentor you on both your academic and non-academic aspects of your preparation. Medical schools require many qualities beyond high academic performance such as record of service in a clinical setting and well developed interpersonal skills. Our mentoring program offers close, individual attention to a small group of students and helps them acquire all the necessary skills and experiences for a medical career. This personal attention is a distinctive feature of the Pre-Med Mentoring Program at GCSU which is not available in most colleges and universities.