Education & Training

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Classroom Presentations

Project BRAVE offers a number of presentations geared to fit within a class. Presentations include an overview of Project BRAVE, a one-hour bystander intervention presentation, the intersection of alcohol and consent, and dating violence. For more information or to schedule a training please call (478) 445-8519. 

Be BRAVE: Step Up

Be BRAVE Step Up is our signature 3.5-hour training that focuses on understanding power-based interpersonal violence and becoming an active and engaged bystander. 

Start by Believing

Be BRAVE: Start by Believing is a one-hour training geared towards faculty and staff and increasing their understanding of how to assist students and become active and engaged bystanders. To schedule a Start by Believing training with your department, please contact (478) 445-8519. 

(Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault)

MARS works under the umbrella of Project BRAVE. MARS is designed to empower young men to take a more active role in preventing sexual assault as an active bystander, as well as teach them how they can help a friend who has been assaulted. MARS also educates men on the role of alcohol, consent, and hypermasculinity in relationships.