Executive and Professional in Residence Program

Georgia College’s Executive & Professional in Residence Program offers a unique opportunity for departments and units across Georgia College to link to business, education, government and healthcare professionals for the purpose of enhancing activities and initiatives in a variety of areas including: applied research, learning outside the classroom, knowledge and technology transfer, student mentoring, curriculum enhancement, and/or community service.  Georgia College departments begin the process by completing and submitting the Executive and Professional in Residence Application. Typical appointments are for one year and the Executive & Professional in Residence Score-card will be used to assess the impact of the program.

Process: The GC department hosting an Executive or Professional in Residence will work with their respective Vice President to determine what the focus will be during the appointment. The process begins formally when the host department completes the Executive and Professional in Residence applications and routes it to the Provost/VPAA. The application is shared with members of the President’s Executive Council and the final decision regarding acceptance of the project and the partnership rests with the President. Individuals interested in the Executive and Professional in Residence Program opportunities may send an email inquiry to: provost@gcsu.edu.  Project focus areas might include:

  • Advising and Mentoring Students: Attend, observe and speak to graduate and undergraduate classes. Executives may teach entire courses or guest lecture on topics within their area of expertise. Mentor and advice interested students in formal or informal sessions on career choices, interview skills and strategies, etc.
  • Applied Research & Technology: Work with the departments and/or centers and faculty to provide advice and planning expertise to assist in increasing grants and contracts. Work with faculty, departments and centers to develop business plans, develop applications for patents, or leverage opportunities to partner with business and industry.
  • Strengthen Ties with the Business or Professional Community: Connect with local economic development initiatives or emerging companies; and/ or link faculty/staff /students with business/professional partners to advance the goals of the host program. This might include: hosting a conference or event that brings together business leaders, faculty, and students for stimulating presentations and/or panel discussions relating to the changing business environment and key issues affecting the local professional community. Executives may also act as liaisons between the institution and the professional field, promoting ways to create synergies between the two.
  • Connect with Alumni, Parents, and Potential Students: The Executive or Professional can assist with building stronger relationships with Georgia College alumni, parents of enrolled students, and/or potential new students through group or one-on-one interactions, to support more effective communication, engagement, and student success.  
  • Curriculum Enrichment: Help identify and provide context for the needs of the professional community, and provide advice on how Georgia College’s academic programs might respond to better prepare students to address those expectations. Executives are ideally positioned to advise faculty on aligning learning outcomes and research activities that bridge theory and practice.
  • Enhance Stewardship Opportunities and Social Entrepreneurship: Assist with identifying and advancing solutions to regional social challenges and enhancing the institutional and community capacity to form partnerships that will address the challenges in meaningful and sustainable ways. This might include connecting the intellectual and human capital of the university and community to address social problems, or partnering to apply process that use entrepreneurial principles to promote social change. 

Desired Characteristics of Executives & Professionals: The Executive or Professional is an individual who is a recognized leader in a field of endeavor relevant to Georgia College’s mission. She/he will possess a proven track record of success in business, government, education, healthcare and/or Non-Profit areas. Additionally: the Executive or Professional will be able to answer in the affirmative the following:                                                                     

  • Has held or currently holds a leadership level position in the profession,
  • Has a reputation for high ethical standards,
  • Is able to communicate effectively,                                                    
  • Possess a passion for working with students and mentoring others,
  • Has a broad network of executives/professional colleagues that will enhance the objectives of the Executive or Professional Program.