Operation ID

Have a laptop, gaming console, bicycle, or any other property of value? Take the preventative step by registering your property's information and serial number to increase the chances of having it recovered if ever lost or stolen. Available to all on campus Georgia College & State University students. Simply fill out the following Property Registration Form and email it to Public Safety or you may drop it off at our station located at 301 W. Montgomery St.

If you want a paperless option, you can Report It online for free using the LeadsOnline Citizen Property Inventory System. (Note: This site is not monitored by Georgia College Public Safety.)

We also have the ability to engrave your initials or special identifiers on your property for even more added security. Property that you wish to have engraved will need to be brought to our station located at 301 W. Montgomery St. For more information, please call 478-445-4054. 

Lost and Found 

Statutory requirements set forth in O.C.G.A 17-5-54 governing receipt and disposition of property (including found or abandoned property) by law enforcement agencies provides the process and protocols for lost and found items at Georgia College. The Department of Public Safety is responsible for receiving the following items of value:

  • Purses and wallets
  • Currency, credit cards, ID cards, passports and similar items      
  • Jewelry, keys
  • Computers, cell phones, iPads, Surfaces and similar items
  • Other high value items not previously listed

Items that are not accepted include the following:

  • Portable storage devices such as thumb drives, memory sticks, and portable hard drives
  • Keyboards, monitors, computer mouse
  • Calculators, books, pens and pencils
  • Clothes, sporting equipment
  • Cups, water bottles, food containers, coolers and similar items


People attempting to turn in acceptable items should take them to the Department of Public Safety, located at 301 W. Montgomery Street. Items not accepted by Public Safety should be taken to the Building Manager nearest to where the item was found.

Every attempt will be made to contact the owner. Property that has been unclaimed for 90 or more days is subject to being disposed of without notice according to Georgia law. For information on lost property contact the Public Safety Communications Center at 478-445-4054.

Ride Along

Open to Georgia College students who are interested in the law enforcement field may call to schedule a date to ride along with one of our officers.  Available times may vary due to resources and day to day activities.  The following Waiver of Liability Form and Awareness Form must be read, signed and given to patrol lieutenant Gary Purvis .  Approved ride alongs will be scheduled by the patrol lieutenant.