Intramural Policies


1. Mission Statement

The purpose of Recreational Sports is to provide recreational and employment opportunities that will advance leadership, sportsmanship, and team-building skills for students at Georgia College.

2. Assumption of Risk

Many recreational activities involve risks of bodily injury, property damage, and other dangers associated with participation. By taking place in intramural activities, participants acknowledge and assume responsibility for their own health and safety. However, basic first-aid will be available at game sites. Participation in the activities offered by the GCSU Intramural and Recreational Sports program is completely voluntary. Georgia College and State Intramural and Recreational Sports are not liable for injuries sustained during participation of any Georgia College & State Intramural and Recreational Sports-sponsored activities or by use of any recreational facility related with the GCSU Intramural Sports Program. GCSU Intramural and Recreational Sports does not carry or provide accident or injury insurance. All participants are responsible for maintaining adequate health and accident insurance coverage and are strongly urged to purchase health insurance before participating in any intramural sports activity. It is strongly recommended that all participants consult a physician or have a physical exam prior to participation. Student Health Services offers outpatient care and treatment of injuries and accidents to fully-registered students. However, the cost of necessary hospitalization and/or treatment not available through Student Health Services is not covered by Intramural and Recreational Sports or by Student Health Services. All students attending GCSU are eligible to purchase student health insurance. To inquire about the cost of coverage, contact the Student Health Services Office at (478) 445-5288. Each participant must agree with these terms and conditions on the Intramural registration website, This process will be done when registering for an activity.

3. Entry Procedures / Eligibility

All intramural participants will be required to create an account and sign up on Participants must bring a Valid ID prior to each competition.  If a player is on the roster, a Drivers License will be accepted. If a player is not on the roster, we will only accept a bobcat card.


1. Someone who has paid dues to a club this academic year or played in a game this year
2. Someone who has played in a game last academic year and 1 practice this year

These are not club players:

1. Players that have only practiced with a club that have not paid dues or played in a game.

NOTE: if a player pays dues or plays in a game this year he/she becomes defined as a club player.


Single Gender Sports - 2 club players
Open/Coed Sports - 2 men OR 1 man and up to 2 women OR up to 4 women


A community member is defined as someone who at the time of the game is currently paying a $50 membership a month to the WRC and purchases a player pass.  Community Members must be preapproved by prior to joining a team.

Teams may have a max of 2 community members on the roster for all sports that have 4 or more on the field or court

Teams may have a max of 1 community member on the roster for all sports that have 3 or fewer active players on the field or court.   

To create an IMLeagues account:

1. Go to and click Create Account, join team, create team, or free agent.  (click sign up if prompted)
2. Enter your information, and use your School email and submit.
3. You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.

Once you have an account you have several options:

1.  Click the "Georgia College" tab or RecSports to find out what Intramural and Club Sports are being offered
2. Click the sport/league you would like to sign up for
2.  Use the Green Player Sign Up button (located at the top right) to Create Teams, Join Teams, or Become a Free Agent.  Once you click the button scroll down to the sport and league you are interested in. 

What is a Free Agent?

You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you’d like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.


To participate in Intramural Sports you must purchase a Player Pass Package.

Fall Player Pass Package - $10      

Spring Player Pass Package - $10

All Year Player Pass - $20


Payments /  Refunds

All Player Pass payments, fines and fees must be made online on Refunds for Player Passes will only be awarded if the Intramurals program hosts a Player Pass promotion, and an eligible participant that has already purchased their Player Pass prior to participating in the promotional event, wins the event.

4. Duties of Team Captains

If an organization is to be successful in intramural sports competition, a good team captain is essential. It is not feasible or practical to meet with the hundreds of players participating in intramural sports; that is why the role of team captain is pivotal to Intramural success. Matters affecting his/her team are communicated through him/her, and the captain, in turn, is responsible for passing the information on to the team members. Each captain will act as the official liaison between the team and the Wellness and Recreation Staff and must maintain direct contact in order to insure proper communication. The duties of a team captain include, but are not limited to:

- Being familiar with all policy and procedures included in this handbook and communicate this information to all team members.
- Insure that all members of the team are eligible for every contest in which they participate. 
- Notifying the members of the team regarding date, time, and location of contests.
- Attending mandatory meetings for captains as scheduled.
- Captains are responsible for relaying rule and regulation requirements to the rest of their team. All players must understand the game being played if they do not it is a reflection of the team captain.            - Familiarize your team members with the Sportsmanship Policy.   Educate them as to the ramifications of poor sportsmanship both for the individual and the team. This includes proper web etiquette on the website.
- Verify the scores entered on IMLeagues and dispute any errors by notifying within 24 hours
- Captains Must invite/Accept all team/potential members on the roster or turn on auto accept member requests
- Captains must inform all team/potential members that they must have an IMLeagues account, and they must request to join the team and/or accept a team invitation to be eligible to play.

5. Scheduling and League Formats

Requests for the preferred game times and date will be considered but not guaranteed. If available, some leagues will be able to select time preferences upon team registration on IMLeagues. On IMLeagues, there is a section called "Time Preferences" that is available after the mandatory captains meeting and will be available until the schedule is made. It can be found under "Team Options" on the left side of the team page (team captain's page only).

Regular Season Scheduling
All scheduling for each sport will be posted through Each captain has the responsibility of accepting team members and for letting teammates know how to access website to find their team’s schedule. Captains/teams are responsible for keeping up with scheduling changes in advance. Captains will be informed if their team’s game/games have been moved up to an earlier playing date. Captains will be notified by phone only if the game change is within 24 hours of the original game time. Other than that the captain is responsible for informing their team members of time changes of games. Other rescheduling is up to the captain to keep up with and inform their team members.

*If your opponent defaults against you or is banned from the league, Wellness and Recreation Staff will to attempt to find replacement games for you at the same time spots.  If a replacement is found then you will get the W for the default and the result of the new game.  Your new opponent will also get the result of the new game.  

League Sports
Major sports are scheduled in Men’s, Women’s, and Coed leagues which consist of a regular season followed by playoffs. Each league will have a guaranteed number of games plus playoffs.

Playoff schedules are not subject to be rescheduled. Playoffs will consist of a single elimination tournament per league. Every team makes the playoffs as long as the following requirements are met:
     • 3.0 average sportsmanship rating.
     • All fees and/or fines have been paid.

During playoffs, if a team scores a sportsmanship rating between a 2.9 and 2.5 they will owe a team fine of $10 before any participant on the team can play in any other intramural event. If a team scores below a 2.5 sportsmanship rating during a playoff game they must pay a team fine of $25 before any participant on the team can play in any other intramural event.

If teams forfeits a game or defaults twice, they will NOT be eligible for Playoffs!​

Minor team sports and individual sports are scheduled into tournaments. The format and schedule of tournaments will be based on the number of teams entered and level of competition.

Summer Intramurals
Most sports held are to be single participant or group activity. Tournaments will be scheduled based upon the amount of participants entered.

6. Canceling and Rescheduling Procedures

If you have an issue with a game you have four options. You can forfeit, default, late default or request a reschedule.

Options if you contact

- The day of = Default
- Before 4PM the day before = Default, possible time change, possible day change (lesser chance)
- The week before = Default, Probable Time Change, Probable Day Change


A forfeit means your team does not show up to the game. NOTE: Everyone on your team will be suspended from all intramural sports until a $10 or $25 team fine is paid.

$10 Forfeit Sports: Cornhole, spikeball, beach volleyball, tennis, pickleball, kan jam, ping pong, badminton, horse.

*All other sports are $25 for a forfeit*


A default means your team sends an email to by 12PM the day of the game stating your team will not be able to make it. If your team defaults, there is no fee.

Late Default

A late default means your team sends an email to between 12PM and 4PM the day of the game stating your team will not be able to make it. If your team late defaults, there is a $5 team fee.


We will do our best to reschedule games to accommodate people with the following issues provided they give us enough notice:
-Same group of players have another game at the same time
-Organizational Team has regularly scheduled organizational meeting (This does not mean every organizational function)
-Class at time of the game, must list all players with class and the instructors name in the request

*We cannot accommodate work, socials, parties, concerts, braves games, family game night, trivia, "were all going out", the xyz tv show is on, etc.*

Inclement Weather

Cancellations made due to inclement weather are made to protect the safety of the participants and the condition of the playing fields. Decisions concerning the cancellation of games due to inclement weather will be made as soon as possible on the day of scheduled games. Cancellations of games will be sent out via IMLeagues email and on our Instagram: @gcwellnessrec. Team captains and participants are encouraged to check these sources regularly throughout the day leading up to their games for the status of their game(s).

NOTE: If one game is canceled this does not mean all following games will likewise be canceled.

7. Forfeits

A team forfeits when they fail to appear at the appointed game location at the scheduled game time. If no participants are checked in by game time, the other team will be given the option for the game to automatically be forfeited. 

Forfeiting Extension Agreement

The opposing team’s captain has the option of waiting 10 minutes for the other team’s participants to arrive or take the forfeit at the game start time. The clock will begin running at the scheduled game time regardless. If a team decides to wait the ten minutes then that ten minutes is deducted from game time. If the other team shows up and the game is played, the result of the game is final. The team that chose to wait does NOT have the option to retroactively receive a win for the forfeit.

Forfeit Fine

Any team that forfeits a game will be charged $25 or $10 depending on that team sport. No one on the team will be allowed to participate in any other intramural game/sport/event until the forfeit fee has been paid. A forfeit during tournament play will result in a team being dropped from further participation in the tournament.

*Only team captains will have the ability to pay the team fine from their IMLeagues account*


If teams forfeit a game or default twice they will be removed from the league unless the Captain emails the Associate Director of Wellness and Recreation within 24 hours after the infraction occurs.  The director will then determine if a team will be allowed to continue.  

Scoring Defaults and Forfeits

The forfeit and default score will be whatever the mercy rule is for the associated sport.


Mens/Womens Flag Football winning team 19 losing team 0, Co-Rec Flag Football winning team 25 losing team 0, Softball winning team 10 losing team 0, Soccer winning team 5 losing team 0, etc.

8. Sportsmanship Ratings

Good sportsmanship is a basic requirement during intramural activities at all times. Clearly, sporting contests are important to the participant, but the importance should not become so overriding that players lose sight of appropriate behavior. Failure to display an acceptable degree of sportsmanship will render a participant ineligible for further participation in any given sport. Decisions of this kind rest in the hand of the Director of Wellness and Recreation.

After each game, both teams will be given a sportsmanship rating by the officials, scorekeepers, and supervisors. This is on a scale of 0.0 to 4.0, with the best sportsmanship being 4.0. This is based on the attitude and sportsmanship of the players, fans, and coaches before, during, and after the game towards other players, fans, coaches, and officials. A team's average rating for all regular season games must be at least 3.0 to be eligible for playoffs. During the playoffs, teams are expected to show proper sportsmanship and will be held to the same standards as they are during the regular season. Therefore, if a team receives a sportsmanship rating below a 2.5 in any playoff game they will owe a $25 fine. All participants on the team roster are suspended from all intramural activities until the fine is paid.

Instances that automatically decrease your sportsmanship rating:

• Physically abusing an opponent, official, scorekeeper, or supervisor is an automatic sportsmanship rating of 0

• Unsportsmanlike penalty in flag football -1
• Unsporting Technical foul in basketball -1
• Unsporting Yellow/red card in soccer -1
• Verbal abuse of an opponent, official, scorekeeper, or supervisor -1
• Leaving the bench area to enter an altercation -1
• Verbally threatening an opponent, official, scorekeeper, or supervisor -1
• Leaving trash on/around the field/court -1
• Excessive complaining about judgment calls -1
• Fans, Spectators, and/or Coaches displaying unsporting behavior and/or excessive complaining about judgment calls -1

Making a mockery of the game in anyway including playing with a lack of effort, making plays that don't fit in the normal course of a game (Half court shots in a blow out, running bases the wrong way, shooting at your own goal, etc.) will also result in a deduction of sportsmanship points.

Any person within 50 feet of your bench is considered a part of your team and will affect your sportsmanship. If someone is not with your team then you must ask them to get more than 50 feet from your bench. If they refuse then call time out and tell the ref to ask them to move (you will not be charged a timeout). Once an unsporting event occurs it is too late to say that they are not with us.

9. Ejections and Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Any player, coach, or spectator who is ejected from an intramural contest for any reason is automatically suspended from all intramural sports activities until they are officially reinstated by the Associate Director of Wellness and Recreation. An ejected player must leave the premises immediately. If an ejected player does not leave immediately, then his/her team will be forfeited from the game in progress..


Any player, coach, or spectator who is ejected from an intramural sports contest for fighting shall be subjected to a suspension from all intramural activities. This includes any attempt to strike, even though there may not be contact. Participation in a fight includes anyone who enters the field/court during the fight.
Any team, individual players, or associated spectators involved in a “team” fight will be immediately suspended from participation in that sport. A team will include all participants listed on the score sheet at the time of the fight, as well as any identified members associated with that team who actively participate in the fight.

Please note: the individuals involved place the team or organization in jeopardy. If individuals choose to represent an organization, then that organization will be held accountable for those individual’s actions. This suspension does not exist in lieu of other university or community-related penalties which may result from the incident.

Suspension and Meeting

Every participant who is ejected or suspended owes a non negotiable $10 fine. An ejected person must schedule an appointment to meet with the Associate Director of Wellness and Recreation. The period of suspension for any person suspended from an intramural sports activity shall be determined by the Associate Director of Wellness and Recreation upon review of the incident. Please be aware that the period of suspension for an ejected player will not begin until the ejected person has met with the Associate Director of Wellness and Recreation.


Any individual or team that wishes to appeal any disciplinary action or sanction made by the Associate Director of Wellness and Recreation or a member of their staff, must file a formal appeal for review by the Director of Wellness and Recreation. A formal appeal in writing must be made to the Director of Wellness and Recreation and within one (1) week of notification of disciplinary action. The individual or team will be given the opportunity to participate in an administrative board hearing.

10. Protest Procedures

1. All protests, except those concerning eligibility, must be made on the field of play to the official. The protest must be made at the time of the occurrence. Once play has resumed, the protest will not be valid.
2. There shall be no protests on judgment calls. All protests must deal with the interpretation of a rule or enforcement of a penalty for the infraction of those rules, or player ineligibility.
3. All protests must be made by the team captain, at the time of protest, to the intramural official(s) at the contest. The official is responsible for notifying the Intramural Supervisor of the intent to protest.
4. Intramural Supervisor will rule on all protest, (unless professional staff are present). If a team loses the protest they will be charged a timeout/penalty if rules apply for that sport.
5. Instant Replay – (applies to flag football, volleyball, kickball, and softball) sport specific rules will define what can be reviewed. Teams must provide their own auto/visual equipment

11. Alcohol Policy

In keeping with the alcohol policy of GC, alcoholic beverages will not be allowed at any program or activity sponsored by Intramural and Recreational Sports. This policy applies to all intramural sports participants, as well as coaches and spectators. Any participant or spectator who is under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to participate in any intramural sports activity and will be required to leave the facility immediately. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action. The supervisor and/or game officials will have the responsibility and authority to make any decisions regarding participation by a participant or spectator.

12. Pet Policy

Pets are allowed at the intramural fields during intramural events. Pets will not, however, be allowed on the fields during any contest and must remain outside of the field fences. Owners of the pets are required to keep their pet on a leash at all times. All pets must have vaccination records and a tag on their collar saying the date of vaccination. Any pet that becomes a disturbance to participants, staff, or fans will be asked to leave the facility. Owners of the dog are asked to clean up after their pets. The Intramural Staff has the right to revoke and terminate this policy at any point in time.

13. Extramural Tournaments

• Participation in activities offered by the Office of Wellness and Recreation provides various opportunities for participation in state, regional, and national tournaments. These tournaments allow participants from GC to compete against other intramural teams on the state, regional, and national levels and to represent GC at various extramural events. Thus, it is important to remember that participation and behavior at these events is representative of GC and the sportsmanship displayed should reflect the program represented. Any instance of poor sportsmanship by an individual or team representing GC will not be tolerated and will result in participation sanctions for that individual or team within the intramural program at GC, in addition to any sanctions imposed at the extramural event. Any individual who has been ejected from play during the current intramural season or is currently on probation may be subject to restriction from competition at extramural events.

• No teams other than the GC sponsored teams will be allowed to enter state, regional, or national tournaments. Any team which qualifies to participate in a state, regional, or national tournament will have their entry fee and any individual player fee paid for by the Office of Wellness and Recreation. As well, they will be allowed a stipend (to be determined by the Dir./Asst. Dir of Wellness and Recreation) to help offset travel, meals, and lodging. For more information, contact the Office of Wellness and Recreation.

14. Fees and Fines

Teams and individuals that owe fees or fines will be suspended from all sports until the amount owed is paid. All fees must be paid online at unless otherwise specified. If you owe money for one team you cannot play on another team in the same or any other different sport.

Team Fines - Paid by the team as a whole. Only the captain will have access to pay this fine, all players will be able to see the fine.

• $25 Forfeit Fine. Must be paid before next game. If not paid before first game, fine will be doubled. 
• $50 Ineligible Participant fine. Participants that are found playing without a Player Pass, or checking in as another person are considered to be playing while ineligible. Teams with ineligible participants are also subject to a forfeit.
• $10 Meeting No Show Fine. Must be paid before a team’s first game.
• $25 Playoff Sportsmanship below 2.5

Individual Fines - Paid by individual player

• $10 Participant Reinstatement Fine from ejection

15. Prizes and Awards

Championship T-shirts
Championship T-shirts will be given to the winners of each sport/event offered. Only one shirt will be awarded per person per sport despite winning more than one championship.

State tournament entry fees and hotel accommodations will be awarded (at the discretion of the Associate Director of Wellness and Recreation) to intramural champions or winners of a state qualifying tournament:

Top Bracket League Winner/ Play-In Tournament Winner:
Men’s, Women’s and CoRec Flag Football
Men’s and Women’s Basketball