If you have an issue with a game you have 4 options.  You can Forfeit, Default, LATE DEFAULT or Reschedule
To forfeit just dont show up to the game.  NOTE everyone on your team will be suspended until a $25 fee is paid
To default you must send an email to by 12pm the day of the game stating that your team will not be able to make it.  If you default there is no fee. 

To LATE DEFAULT you must send an email to  between 12p and 3:45p the day of the game stating that your team will not be able to make it. If you LATE DEFAULT your team will be fined $10.

Options if you: 

  • Contact us the day of = Default
  • Contact us the day before = Default or possible time change but not day change
  • Contact us the week before = Default, Time Change, Possible Day Change


We will do our best to accommodate people with the following issues provided they give us enough notice:

  • Same group of players have another game at the same time
  • Organizational Team has regularly scheduled organizational meeting (This does not mean every organizational function)
  • Class must list all players with class and the instructors name in the request

We can not accommodate work, socials, parties, concerts, braves games, family game night, trivia, "were all going out", the xyz tv show is on, etc