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Eligibility for Entry into and Continuation in the Mass Communication Major

All students (current, entering, first-year, and transfer) who wish to major in mass communication will be classified as pre-mass communication majors. Students will be classified as mass communication majors after applying for acceptance into the major and receiving official acceptance by the faculty.

To be considered for admission to the mass communication major, students must meet all of the following requirements:

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA in at least 36 hours of coursework
  • Passed Regents Exam (both parts)
  • Completed and earned a C or better in each of the following courses:
    MSCM 2200, Mass Media and Society
    MSCM 2204, Writing for the Mass Media
    English 1101
    English 1102

Meeting minimum requirements assures consideration but is not a guarantee of admission. The application process is competitive. Applicants presenting the highest qualifications will be accepted Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year.

Students wishing to be considered for admission to the mass communication major must complete the application and submit it to the Department of Mass Communication no later than 12 noon on the last day of final exams of each semester. Applications can be found in the Department of Mass Communication Office. Mass Communication faculty will determine acceptance into the major, and students will be notified one month after application deadline.

Areas A - E (See Core section of the Catalog)

42 semester hours

Area F

18 semester hours


MSCM 2200

Mass Media And Society (3 hours)

MSCM 2204

Writing for the Mass Media (3 hours)


Any 1000-2000 level ARTS, ECON, ENGL, HIST, IDST, MUSC, POLS, PSYC, RHET, SOCI, or THEA (6-12 hours)


FREN 1001

Elementary French I

GRMN 1001

Elementary German I

ITAL 1001

Elementary Italian I

SPAN 1001

Elementary Spanish I;

FREN 1002

Elementary French II

GRMN 1002

Elementary German II

ITAL 1002

Elementary Italian II

SPAN 1002

Elementary Spanish II;

FREN 2001

Elementary French III

GRMN 2001

Elementary German III

ITAL 2001

Elementary Italian III

SPAN 2001

Elementary Spanish III;

FREN 2002

Intermediate French Readings

GRMN 2002

Intermediate German Readings

ITAL 2002

Intermediate Italian Readings

SPAN 2002

Intermediate Spanish Readings (0-6 hours)

(Any transfer student who has not completed the courses in Area F, or their equivalents, must take these courses at GCSU.)

Major Requirements

25 semester hours


MSCM 3300

Mass Media Law and Ethics (3 hours)


MSCM 3306

Mass Communication Theory and Research (3 hours)


MSCM 4402

Senior Career Development (1 hour)


MSCM electives at the 3000-4000 level (6 hours)


Select one concentration of study from the following four programs (12 hours):

Broadcast and Electronic Media Concentration

MSCM 3309

Principles of Broadcast and Electronic Media

MSCM 3311

Audio Theory and Practice

MSCM 3315

Video Theory and Practice

MSCM 4417

Advanced Media Production OR MSCM 4410

Print Concentration

MSCM 3319

Publication Layout and Design

MSCM 3323

Publication Editing

MSCM 3326

Feature Writing

MSCM 4422

Government and Public Affairs Reporting

Advertising Concentration

MSCM 3330

Principles of Advertising

MSCM 3331

Advertising Copywriting

MSCM 3332

Advertising Management

MSCM 4438

Advertising Campaigns

Public Relations Concentration

MSCM 3340

Principles of Public Relations

MSCM 3342

Public Relations Writing

MSCM 4442

Public Relations Administration

MSCM 4448

Public Relations Campaigns

Cognate Area

12 semester hours


(4-6 hours total)

MSCM 2930

Practicum (3 hours; one of which must be with the student media)

MSCM 4960

Internship (3 hours)


Two courses from the following (6 hours):

ARTS 2200

Photography I

ARTS 3200

Photography II

CBIS 3217

Desktop Publishing

CBIS 3218

Web Design Tools

any 3000-4000 level English, Rhetoric, Management, or Marketing course

Senior Capstone Experience

3* semester hours

This requirement is usually satisfied during the senior year and is met by completion of MSCM 4402, Senior Career Development, which requires the compilation of a reflective portfolio of a student's work.

  • *The Capstone Experience is not added to cumulative hours because it is fulfilled by the regular major curriculum in MSCM.

Foreign Language Requirement

0-12 semester hours

Students must show competence in a foreign language at the level of the fourth university course (2002). (0-12 hours.)

NOTE: Mass Communication majors who take three or four courses at the university level may count two of them in Area F.

Other Requirements

  • Completion of the First-Year Academic Seminar with a passing grade. Students who transfer to GCSU after the first term are exempt from the requirement.
  • Mass Communication majors are required to complete off-campus internships in the communications field. If students do not have a 2.5 GPA or better, they must successfully complete a noncredit internship and take three additional semester hours of MSCM electives. The maximum number of internship hours that may be applied toward a Mass Communication major is three. Internships must be completed at GCSU.
  • Mass Communication majors must earn a C or better in all MSCM courses that count toward their major.
  • Any student who receives more than one grade of D or F in any MSCM course(s) will be ineligible to continue in the major, subject to appeal to the department faculty and the department chair.
  • Students who are found guilty of misconduct at the university level, including but not limited to cheating or plagiarism, will not be allowed to remain in the major.
  • No more than three journalism and/or mass communication courses totaling nine hours completed prior to admission to the program may be applied toward requirements for the B.A. in Mass Communication. This includes courses taken at GCSU as well as any taken at other institutions. All courses over three will be placed in excess credit and may only be counted as B.A. electives.
  • A minimum of 39 semester hours overall must be at the 3000-4000 level.
  • Fulfillment of University-wide Senior Capstone Experience requirement, as explained above.


11-23 semester hours

Mass Communication majors who use language courses in Area F will have the higher number of elective hours.


120 semester hours

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