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Areas A - E (See Core section of the Catalog )

42 semester hours

Area F

18 semester hours


RHET 1110 and RHET 2350 (6 hours)


FREN, GRMN, JAPN, or SPAN 1002, 2001, 2002 (0-9 hours)


Any of the following 1000 - 2000 level courses: ARTS, BLST, ENGL, HIST, IDST, LING, MSCM, PHIL, RELI, THEA, or WMST courses not used for areas A, B, C, & E (0-9 hours)

Major Requirements

24 semester hours

  1. Praxis (12 hours)


RHET 2315 Voice for the Public Speaker (3 hours)

Select one course from each of the following subcategories and a third course from either.

Public Address:

RHET 3000

Persuasive Speaking (3 hours)

RHET 3005

Service Learning

RHET 3100

Informative Speaking (3 hours)

RHET 4950

Special Topics in Rhetoric (3 hours)

Performance Studies:

RHET 3310

Performance Studies (3 hours)

RHET 3315

Personal Narrative and Rhetoric (3 hours)

RHET 4310

British Comedy (3 hours)

RHET 4320

Performance of Poetry (3 hours)

B. Communication Theory and Criticism (12 hours)


RHET 4305 Classical Rhetorical Theory (3 hours)

Select one course from each of the following subcategories and a third course from either.

General Communication:

RHET 2210

Small Group Communication (3 hours)

RHET 3210

Communication in Organizations (3 hours)

RHET 3215

Interpersonal Communication (3 hours)

RHET 3320

Intercultural Communication (3 hours)

RHET 4100

Instructional Communication (3 hours)

Rhetorical Theory and Criticism:

RHET 4315

Modern and Postmodern Rhetorical Theory (3 hours)

RHET 4400

American Public Discourse (3 hours)

RHET 4500

Rhetorical Criticism (3 hours)


21-33 semester hours

Senior Capstone Experience

3 semester hours

Rhetoric majors may meet the GCSU Senior Capstone Experience in any of the following ways:

RHET 4990 Rhetorical Capstone Project: Course is to be taken in the student's last semester;

Other options with permission of program coordinator:

  • Study Abroad undertaken after completion of at least 72 hours of coursework (met through RHET 4980 and participation in any Study Abroad program approved by the Department Chair);
  • Completion of a Senior Research/Thesis Experience scholarly project on a topic chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor or group of faculty advisors. This option requires registration for RHET 4999, Undergraduate Research (2 hours), usually in the summer or fall of the senior year, and RHET 4970, Thesis (1 hour) usually in the Spring, and presentation of the thesis project at Student Research Day , an appropriate professional meeting or conference, or a public presentation at GCSU. This requirement may also be met through completion of a Scholars Project, as outlined in the Honors and Scholars Program section of the Catalog.


120 semester hours

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