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Areas A, B, C, D and E (See Core section of the Catalog

42 semester hours

NOTE: Courses taken in Areas A, B, C, D, and E may be used to satisfy other requirements, provided total degree hours are satisfied.

Area F

18 semester hours

BIOL 2160

Human Anatomy & Physiology I

(4 semester hours)

BIOL 2170

Human Anatomy & Physiology II

(4 semester hours)

KINS 2331

Medical Terminology for Allied Health Professionals

(1 semester hour)

KINS 2323


(3 semester hours)

KINS 2103

Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

(3 semester hours)

PSYC 2102

The Developing Individual

(3 semester hours)

Major Requirements

45 semester hours

KINS 3103

Structural Kinesiology

(3 semester hours)

KINS 3203

Physiology of Exercise

(3 semester hours)

KINS 3212

Clinical Experience in Exercise Science I

(2 semester hours)

KINS 3223


(3 semester hours)

KINS 3233

Methods of Resistance Training

(2 semester hours)

KINS 3243

Exercise Leadership

(2 semester hours)

KINS 3262

Exercise Testing for Normal & Special Populations

(3 semester hours)

KINS 3272

Clinical Experience in Exercise Science II

(2 semester hours)

KINS 4203

Exercise Prescription for Normal & Special Populations

(3 semester hours)

KINS 4213

Essentials of Strength and Conditioning Programs

(3 semester hours)

KINS 4222

Clinical Experience in Exercise Science III

(2 semester hours)

KINS 4233

Principles of Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation

(3 semester hours)

KINS 4242

Clinical Experience in Exercise Science IV

(2 semester hours)

KINS 4803

Special Topics in Kinesiology

(3 semester hours)

KINS 4806

Internship in Kinesiology

(6 semester hours)

KINS 4813

Research in Kinesiology

(3 semester hours)

Optional Minor or Approved Electives

15 semester hours


120 semester hours


  1. Students will be required to show proof of liability insurance their junior and senior years.
  2. Grades of C or better are required in Area F, major, minor, and approved elective courses.
  3. Current First Aid/CPR certification is required.
  4. In order to graduate, students must have a GPA of 2.5 and fulfill other requirements specified in the Graduation Requirements section of the Catalog.
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