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Areas A - E (See Core section of the Catalog)

42 semester hours

Area F

18 semester hours


Requirements (if not already taken in Areas A or D) (12-18 hours)

MATH 1261

Calculus I or

MATH 1116

Integrated Calculus IB

MATH 1262

Calculus II

MATH 2263

Calculus III

MATH 2150

Linear Algebra

MATH 2600

Probability and Statistics


Electives (The courses taken to satisfy this requirement must be distinct from those used to satisfy Areas A-E.) (0-6 hours)

CSCI 1301

Computer Science I

CSCI 1302

Computer Science II

CHEM 1211

Principles of Chemistry I

CHEM 1211L

Principles of Chemistry Laboratory I

CHEM 1212

Principles of Chemistry II

CHEM 1212L

Principles of Chemistry Laboratory II

PHYS 2211

Principles of Physics I

PHYS 2211L

Principles of Physics Laboratory I

PHYS 2212

Principles of Physics II

PHYS 2212L

Principles of Physics Laboratory II

FREN 1001

Elementary French I

FREN 1002

Elementary French II

FREN 2001

Elementary French III

FREN 2002

Intermediate French Readings

GRMN 1001

Elementary German I

GRMN 1002

Elementary German II

GRMN 2001

Elementary German III

GRMN 2002

Intermediate German Readings

ITAL 1001

Elementary Italian I

ITAL 1002

Elementary Italian II

ITAL 2001

Elementary Italian III

ITAL 2002

Intermediate Italian Readings

SPAN 1001

Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 1002

Elementary Spanish II

SPAN 2001

Elementary Spanish III

SPAN 2002

Intermediate Spanish Readings

NOTE: Any transfer student who has not completed the courses in Area F, or their equivalents, must take these courses at GCSU.

Major Requirements (Teaching Concentration)

27 semester hours


MATH 3030

Foundation of Mathematics


MATH 4081

Abstract Algebra I


MATH 4261

Mathematical Analysis I


MATH 4110

Number Theory


MATH 4510



MATH 4010

History of Mathematics


MAED 3119

Technology-Enhanced Instruction


MAED 3121

Teaching Secondary Mathematics with Manipulatives


MAED 4000

Methods for Secondary School Mathematics Teachers

Cognate Area (Teaching Concentration)

9-16 semester hours


CSCI 1301

Computer Science I


EDUC 2120

Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity in Educational Contexts


EDUC 2110

Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education


PHYS 2211

Principles of Physics I


PHYS 2211L

Principles of Physics Laboratory I


EDIS 4425

Seminar: Experience Teaching for Mathematics and Science Majors

Senior Capstone Experience: (4 hours)

Students complete both MATH 4990 Senior Project (1 hour) and MATH 4950 Special Topics (3 hours) in the same semester. Students must consult with the faculty advisor and MATH 4950 instructor prior to registration. Students completing a culminating major experience through another outlet, such as research experience for undergraduates or internship, may petition the department to substitute this experience for the capstone requirement. Students who petition must demonstrate that they have met the expected student outcomes for MATH 4990.

Other Requirements


A grade of C or better is required in all courses counting toward the major.


A minimum of 39 semester hours overall must be at the 3000-4000 level.


Complete the First-Year Academic Seminar with a satisfactory grade. Students who transfer to GCSU are exempt from this requirement.


Students must show competence in a foreign language at the level of the second university course (1002). (0-6 hours)


7-24 semester hours


120 semester hours

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