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Gerald Adkins, Chair
Professors: Richard Bialac, Ajantha Dahanayake, Tanya Goette, Douglas Goings, Sarah Humphries, Howard Woodard, Jeng-Foung Yao, Dale Young, and Doris Christopher
Associate Professors: Renee Fontenot, Yi Liu, and Gita Phelps, Doreen Sams, and Joseph Schwartz
Assistant Professors: Cynthia Cano, Bryan Marshall, and Amit Poddar
Lecturer: Caroline Collier

Department Contact Information:
Georgia College & State University
The J. Whitney Bunting College of Business
Information Technology and Marketing
CBX 012
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Atkinson Hall, Room 301
Information Technology and Marketing Department Website
Chair, Gerald Adkins,
Senior Secretary, Rhonda Roberson,


The Marketing program provides broad-based exposure to all major aspects of contemporary marketing thought in both the domestic and global arenas. The program stresses the managerial aspects of modern marketing within an ethical and societal framework. Attention is also given to the theoretical underpinnings of marketing concepts and institutions as they have evolved over time. Students are given an understanding of the full range of tools available to the modern marketing manager including survey research techniques and computer analysis.

The Computer Science degree prepares students for opportunities from employers across all areas of business, state, and local government and educational organizations. Upon graduation, areas of business, software designing and innovation; program analysis; project management; software architecture design; computer networking/IT systems engineering; computer system and database administration, testing and support; and other IT related jobs.

The Management Information Systems program develops in-depth hands-on knowledge and skills in the application of information technology to problems and opportunites in business and society. This Computing Machinery, and the Association for Information systems.


  1. Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Management Information Systems
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Marketing
  4. Minor in Business Communications
  5. Minor in Computer Science
  6. Minor in International Business
  7. Minor in Management Information Systems
  8. Minor in Marketing


Suggested four-year sequence programs of study and degree requirement check-sheets are located at /business/advisement/checksheets.htm

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