Academic Hardship Assistance

Academic Resources

Academic Hardship Assistance requires that the student communicate immediately with their Academic Advisor and/or Faculty Members.  Please make your Academic Advisor aware at the beginning of any of these processes so that they can guide you and provide helpful advice.

Withdrawal Procedure

When students experience medical or psychological emergencies that impede their ability to successfully remain enrolled at Georgia College & State University , an administrative withdrawal can help students focus on healing without harming their academic record.  Review the Withdrawal Process here:

Withdrawal Process

Use this form ONLY when the deadline to withdraw with a "W" has passed; otherwise do as instructed in the Withdrawal Process:

Student Petition

Requesting an Incomplete

A grade of "I" or Incomplete indicates that a student was doing satisfactory work, but for non-academic reasons beyond the student’s control was unable to meet the full requirements of the course.  See the guidelines on receiving an Incomplete in a course by clicking this link.

Incomplete Agreement Form

Grade Appeal

To file a grade appeal, please refer to this document:

Grade Appeal Form