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As of March 23, Student Health Services staff are meeting with students via telephone and video conferencing only; we are no longer meeting with students in person.   This practice, known as "telehealth" service, is part of our effort to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, and we will resume in-person sessions when the university resumes normal operations.  The transition to telehealth services is an ongoing effort, and we ask for your patience as we work toward our full capacity.   Students who wish to meet with a provider via telehealth must call our office number at 478-445-5288 and speak with our office staff.  

A provider will then email you a WebEx appointment time and your appointment will be scheduled.  BEFORE that appointment time, please go into Medicat via Unify and fill out all necessary documents related to your appointment, specifically the consent forms and the reason for visit forms.  If those are not completed, your appointment will have to be rescheduled.

As we begin this temporary telehealth time, please be patient as this is an ongoing effort to provide services in a new way.  

Students are also encouraged to watch for information and online sessions coordinated with the Office of University Health Promotions.  Please watch FrontPage announcements for more information.  

Anyone experiencing emergencies should seek help immediately by calling 911 or Georgia College Public Safety at 478-445-4400.   



Coronavirus:  all university information on the current coronavirus outbreak can be found at the link below



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Have you ever wondered what to do if someone has a seizure in your presence?  What is someone faints?  What do you do for a nosebleed?

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