Office of Student Life

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The mission of Georgia College & State University involves "challenging students and fostering excellence in the classroom and beyond." The Division of Student Life advances this mission by providing programs, activities, and services that enhance the development of students intellectually, emotionally, culturally, and physically within a co-cirricular learning community.  The Division of Student Life offers a wide range of activities, services, and opportunities to become engaged in campus life that challenges students, develops habits of excellence, and connect life outside the classroom to the formal academic curriculum.

The persons and offices that comprise the Division of Student Life contribute to Georgia College & State University's mission by facilitating student learning, enhancing student success, and teaching responsible community membership.

Expectations of our Students 

The Georgia College experience is founded on the 3 Rs: Reason, Respect, and Responsibility.  Based on this foundation, we expect that during their time at Georgia College students will:

  • set their own personal development goals and take responsibility for their own learning;
  • be prepared to learn and to be intellectually challenged;
  • strive for excellence in their studies and seek to achieve high academic expectations in all their courses;
  • acquire an inquisitive mind; respect for human diversity and individuality; a sense of civic and global responsibility; sound ethical principles; effective writing, speaking, and quantitative skills; and a healthy lifestyle;
  • be meaningfully engaged in and involved in the campus community; and
  • take full advantage of opportunities to develop and implement career plans.

Georgia College students are expected to achieve and maintain high ideals founded on the sound principles of utilizing REASON before acting or reacting; employing RESPECT for others, for ideas, for the law, and for property; and recognizing their RESPONSIBILITY as citizens and members of the campus community.

Dr. Dan Nadler, Interim Vice President for Student Life





Sarah Whatley, Special Assistant to the Vice President





Sally Chapman, Administrative Manager and Parent and Family Program Coordinator